Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Preschool

Connor only has five days left until he leaves preschool for good.  I spent this weekend making up gifts for his teachers and photo books for his classmates.  I have to tell you that Connor started out his first four years at a daycare that had predominantly white children with most children's parents being educators.  I was told this was the place to be.  As Connor begin to learn to talk, walk, and take on responsibility we didn’t see any progress.  He was soon constantly in trouble.  It’s such a source of anguish for a parent to be called constantly and told your child isn’t behaving, sitting, not learning….. I was just so frustrated.  I questioned ‘what are we doing wrong?’  We tried everything.  We decided a move was good.  I had heard about another daycare from a trusted coworker, but had reservations about moving him one year before kindergarten and moving him to a daycare that I didn’t know a lot about.  

Enter our current daycare…it has a wide range of students of different colors, homes, and backgrounds.  This really worked for us. It’s important to pick a school that works for your child, not what other people say “work”.   I liked that Connor fit in and was exposed to all different types of people.  More importantly, the teachers were good.  They never let anything like a child’s background, ability, or knowledge get in the way of learning. We never got a call saying that Connor ‘just wouldn’t do a thing’ or ‘just couldn’t do it’.  They pushed him to work, and appreciated his outgoing personality and saw his intelligence.   We have a long way to go and nothing will be easy, but we are so Blessed to have Connor on a better track.  If you are a parent searching for childcare, I am saying a prayer for you right now.  Finding someone to nurture, love, and teach your children is no easy task.  I remember this as a teacher.  Now we are beginning a new journey…KINDERGARTEN.  There should be plenty of stories to blog from there.  I don’t know why God trusted us with such an AMAZING kid, but we are thankful to be parents to Connor.

I am a big gift giver.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  This is a summer time juice cooler w/ packs of lemonade inside and matching plastic tumblers.  6.00 total/ I got 3.  I love pictures... were only .8 cent each/ 1.00 photo books. Walmart
 Connor signed the personal note.

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