Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why I LOVE Days of Our Lives

I don’t always get to blog my daily thoughts, so I have to jot everything down and wait until I have a chance and do them all at once.  I know everyone has been dying to know what I’ve been up to so far this summer (and by everyone I mean my two followers), but I’m certain there are people from all over the USA reading my blog w/out hitting follow.  J  Anyway, as director of VBS I have been preparing for events that start next week, and trying to learn the parts for Mary’s Drama.  My brain doesn’t work like it use to…so I can’t remember anything.  Which brings me to my next point…a girl needs a break, right?  My “breaks” have consisted of catching up on Days of Our Lives.  Now, I haven’t watched this show in years, but the pure Cheese*tasticness* of the show has pulled me into watching.  No one (and I mean NOOOO one) has better cheesy scenes than Days of our Lives…which is why I will never stop loving it.
Four Reasons I LOVE Days or Our Lives:
1. The Classics Never Get Old.  This clip is when Marleena is possessed by a Demon, and I guess John turns into a priest to save her.  First, thank you so much to the make up people on Days…you managed to make Marleena look just like Satan or AKA. Me before makeup and coffee.  Second, I love John’s DRAMATIC stare at Marleena/Satan when she gasps! No! she…shee…sits up and SHOWS HER BODY!  YES!  She shows her naked body people!?!?!  Check out John’s face as he turns in fear of giving into his lust.  I miss John and Marleena.

2. Product Placement.  Just when you thought they couldn’t get any cornier they go for Product Placement.  ‘Hey hot guy, I’m so glad you came to visit me in my cute hot girl outfit (my standard outfit I study in)…so I can show you what I LOVE to eat.  Cheerios is nutrition, and delicious, and a good snack, and healthy for me, and helps me stay lean, and doctor recommended, and makes these cute o’s, and lowers my blood pressure, and is easy to carry around, and I just love, love, love Cheerios!”

3.  Great Stunt Scenes.  In this scene the dude in the black (I don’t know his name) has been given truth serum that makes him hallucinate that Sammi is the old woman he killed.   Watch as he pushes Sammi down the steps.  Now I watch her tumbling down a few steps while holding on to the rail...but the viewer must believe it is enough to kill a woman or at least knock her out cold.  Watch Sammi fall (so dramatically) it knocks her out.

4.  The Love Scenes.  How do you know if it’s a great soap love scene?  1.  Does the guy have a shirt on unbuttoned to see his chest?? Check.  2.  Does the girl look torn and love stricken….her mind is saying 'no' but her eyes are saying 'yes, yes'!  check.  3. Cue the love/elevator/cheap hotel music.  Check.  4.  Is there heavy breathing? Yes. Then double check. (ex.  You (heavy breathing) are (heavy breathing) here (heavy breathing) to (heavy breathing) see (heavy breathing) me (heavy breathing).  5.  Is there a passionate kiss that could be cut down a bit. Check.  If you have all these then you apparently have a great love scene.

Well I guess you know why I haven’t gotten much done, but I consider it research for the people.  Happy TV watching!

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