Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bouncy Houses and Glitter Shoes!

This weekend was fast!  It’s like I’ve got so many dishes brewing that are almost done…I just have to make sure they are cooked just right and not underdone or burnt.   School, VBS, Awanas are all coming to a close.
On a good note, this weekend Darren came home from his mission from NYC.  I think he had a great experience and was looking forward to sharing at church today, but he was never called to speak.  He put his notes away and said he felt God may have him use them later.  Knowing how shy he is, I was impressed and proud.  My personal favorite story was when the Chinese Kids in NYC asked the group if they ‘lived on a farm’ because of their southern accent.  The sermon this morning was good and it was about really listening to God’s voice.  Speaking of listening, it was a touch hard for me to focus with my AWESOME glitter shoes on today.  I tried not to stare…but they were sooooo sparkly and shiny. 

ahhhhh.....all that glitters and attention to the sermon lady.

After church, Connor and I headed to The House of Bounce for a b. day party which was really awesome, until I tried to bounce with Connor.  Note to self:   Don’t EVER get in the Bouncy House again.  I could never stand up properly which left me on all fours and I could feel my underwear showing.  Since I was self conscious I just laid on my back where I was nearly killed by the little ones.  I finally made it out, but YIKES it was dangerous.  The Bouncy House seems big until one is inside.  I felt like a big sausage stuffed in a small tuberware bowl. 
 Right after that I had a VBS meeting that stressed me out…because I ummm….urrrr….didn’t realize I was suppose to order the bouncy house(s) (that is the highlight of Parent Night) oops.  I am praying that something will come available.  Today I really HATE BOUNCY HOUSES.


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