Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Quotes by Darren:

-(Fixing your VBS costume)…’I guess I’ll do like Rambo and cut it, but Rambo didn’t have a measuring tool, he had to work under primitive conditions.’
-‘This dinner taste like it’s wrapped in blue ribbon.’
-'Connor is so slow in the morning; it would take him 2 hours to watch 60 minutes.'
-(in the middle of arguing with Connor) ‘you gotta beat the man to be the man, whoooo!!’
-‘I don’t like Burgundy, it makes me look thin.’
-‘Dancing is always optional, and I opt to not do it.’
-‘My hair isn’t coming out; it’s just really, really light.’
-‘It’s not fair people have to go to the moon to have a smoke’ (from a nonsmoker)
-Teaching Connor- full nelson, iron claw, sleeper, figure four, moonsalt (jumping off the top rope backwards)
-‘I wish we lived in the Andy Griffith Show.’
-‘How do you clean the house so fast?’
-‘The dishwasher works best if you let the dishes air dry for a couple of days.’
-(Connor lost a shoe at the mall)  ‘Whoa!  He’s got a flat tire, hold everything.’
-‘Honey would it be Okay if I got a Turbo Buick today?’
-‘The North is really different…instead of doing a doughnut in a car...they call it cookies.  Hey man that’s a nice Mustang, how many cookies will it do?!?’
-‘I’m tired of riding in this pace car.’ (in reference to his new gas efficient car)
‘NASCAR is so lame.  They almost have to hit their turn signal to pass these days.’
-‘Connor was worried the play at church would be loud.  Like Mary, Jesus’ Mother, would come out spinning fire to drums.’

Thanks to one cool, funny, and loving dad and husband who keeps us laughing every single day!  We love you.  Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. He is so funny!!!! I really loved reading this! My favorites, because they remind me of stuff Gregg says:
    Dancing is always optional, and I opt to not do it..... This is me and Gregg both. Gregg says he is a champion chair dancer, but that's as far as it goes.
    -‘My hair isn’t coming out; it’s just really, really light.’..... So funny!!! Gregg says that other people's gray hairs have flown off their heads and attached themselves to him!