Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Scrunchies!

Ladies I know its summer..but there is no excuse for bad hair.  So I am giving you some summer hair help secrets with some assistance from the little ladies at my school.  So remember, no matter how HOT you are..put the scrunchies down and try this instead.

I didn't wash my hair, so I put a big bun on my head w/ a huge flower...both pretty and hides bad hair.

velcro curlers, girl's best friend if you have flat hair like me

after velcro curlers- I call this the Kate Middleton

when all else fails, add pigtails!

 Other INSPIRED hair dos came from these cute primary ladies at my school, they were very excited to model off their hair!  Since I have a little boy, this was fun, these girls are so cute!
this little flower lights up in the middle, i thought it was so cute, and she felt so pretty

who doesn't love a pink sparkled jewel?

what a beautiful head of hair!?  She knows how to wear a ponytail!

I thought this was a pretty, cool do, I love the little braids.  Just as cute as she can be!

Pull your bangs back with a pretty bow!

I wish my hair would do this..I love all those pretty bows and braids.

This braid keeps her cool on field day and is beautiful!

Hope we gave you some hair ideas, and I HOPE I don't see you with a scrunchie this summer!

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  1. <3 I love your posts!!! <3 So refreshing! Great advice! You need a tv show/radio show/book deal all in one!!!!