Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 15 Things God Taught Me As VBS Director

1.  Beg for Volunteers Early (use guilt I have an ulcer and my Uncle Louey ran over my cat, please help me)
2.  Hoard hooks, double sided tape, and fake plants early on… (sneak double sided tape past the deacons)
3.  Recruit outside church for volunteers (Hold up a sign that says ‘Will Dance for VBS Workers’ on the side of the Highway).
4.  Don’t get too set about a vision, it isn’t going to look the way you want it… because God has a better plan and it will look better!
5.  Take the time and effort on decorations…it makes everyone more excited.
6.  Don’t stress…. Satan will tell you there isn’t enough money, people, and that you are doing a bad job.  The truth is there is enough and God takes care of all things.
7.  Pair yourself with someone to talk with when decorating and cleaning up (I made lots of NEW friends, I think. Hmmmm.  Maybe they were like ‘I don’t want to be rude, but shut the crap up’! but I'm SURE no one thought that of me :)).
8.  To (kind of) quote Blanche DuBois (street car named desire)...always depend on the kindness of strangers (at the Goodwill) …they might slip you some extra cloth.
9.  Kids LOVE live animals.
10.  Don’t leave REAL eggs lying around and grape juice can get tricky in the sanctuary.
11.  WATCH AND LEARN:  from the talents and skills of the people who volunteer their time, energy, and gifts for others.  It’s both awesome and amazing to watch people drive long distances, work long hours, and provide free items so that people can draw closer to Christ.
12.  When working with dye…makes sure the tin pan doesn’t have holes.
13.  Don’t serve flat bread until the END of a drama.
14.  Adults should worship like children…children don’t care who is beside them…they only care that God is listening.
15.  Take a picture of what the Sunday School Classrooms are like BEFORE you start moving and decorating, because I’m pretty sure Sunday morning people are going to think they are at the wrong church after our “cleanup”.
We had a great Vacation Bible School week.  We will never know how many seeds we planted, but if feels good knowing we had a small role in teaching so many that ‘…nothing is impossible with God’.


  1. I want Vacation Bible School for adults, but totally the same way it is done for kids. My favorite is the "tent" made out of sheets!!! Gregg and I did that when we lived in Boone and wanted a free adventure. We put up a sheet tent and read books inside of it with flashlights :) I know this was amazing because you had a part of it!!!

  2. Thanks Neil and Jessica!! Jessica I try to comment every time you write something, but this blog post wont except my comment or something. I totally agree that we need an Adult VBS, like a street block party with all types of fun activities. You and Greg will be very creative parents one day.

  3. Amanda VBS is such a great outreach but also a great inreach. I grow every time I work with VBS, AWANAs or any other ministry. I truly agree we need an Adult VBS and we all need to worship like children. You did an AWESOME job once again and we are so blessed to have you, Darren and Connor in our church family. - Janet

  4. well stated Ranger are AWESOME.