Thursday, June 23, 2011


There is an evil lurking in my home.  It sneaks up when you least expect it.  It is quite surprising.  The evil is known as THE SMARTMOUTH.    While all is quiet and calm in the land, SMARTMOUTH arrives and attacks!  It takes over my sweet cherub, blue eyed, little boy.  He suddenly turns into a strong willed five year old.
Can I have a cookie, mom? No, you just had a…….SMARTMOUTH:  NO!!!  I WANT A COOKIE!
Connor clean up your toys.  SMARTMOUTH:  I’m BUSY!
Mom can I have a drink? After I fold the laundry.  SMARTMOUTH:  I’m thirsty NOW!
Connor sit down quietly.  SMARTMOUTH:  YOU sit!

Now my first instinct is to slap SMARTMOUTH silly, but I know that may not get us where I want to go.  I want SMARTMOUTH to understand how to take direction, be respectful, kind, considerate, and listen to his elders.  So begins the war with SMARTMOUTH…explaining right from wrong, taking away privileges, and using the good ole’ Evil Eye that warns I have power that can take on SMARTMOUTH (and I can inflict pain if needed)!
I sigh with relief when SMARTMOUTH is temporarily defeated and my child returns to normal:
I love you mom!
Thank you for reading the story.
Dad, I had a good day playing with you today.
I want to help animals that don’t have homes.
I love God!  He gives me a home, pets, and a family!
I can't wait to start kindergarten and make friends.
But every mom knows not to get too comfortable because.... ATTACK OF THE KNOW IT ALL…is lurking right behind SMARTMOUTH! 

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