Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alone Time?

The great part of summer is spending so much time with my family.
The downside of summer can be spending so much time with my family.

One indulgence I like to give myself (but never do) is to wait until dusk, get my iPod, shoes, and walk on the track above my house for about 30 minutes or so.  I like to lose myself in thought and listen to all my favorite songs.  This truly is an indulgence; because once I normally get off work, cook dinner, give baths, finish schoolwork (And soon homework)…I am dead on my feet.  So when summer comes, I like to take advantage.

I chose an opportune time; when no one is paying attention to me.  “I’m going for a walk” I half whispered and dash out the door…I get out of dodge ASAP.  I even snuck around the back of the houses so I wouldn’t be seen. 

Now before I go further, I know there are moms out there who I deem “Perfect Moms” who would say to me things like- ‘The time goes by quickly, take advantage of it’, ‘Soon you will wish your house was filled with family’, ‘I spend every waking minute with my family and love it’!  Can I just say I don’t need to hear that crap?  Yes I love my family dearly, but every person in the moment needs a little me time every once in a while.

Moving forward with my story, there I was fifteen minutes into my walk into a daydream…dancing backup with Paula Abdul, completing the winning triple axle on the ice and winning the gold, accepting the Emmy….
I turn around and what do I see- 45 pounds of blue eyed powerhouse running toward me.
Hey Mom, did you miss us, we wanted to come see ya’, we was wondering where you was, me and dad come to get cha’, I was lookin’ for ya’……..
Behind C. was husband.  Envision if you will:  6’2’ man with size 13 plastic flip flops, a sleeveless shirt (with a farmers tan), glasses, and basketball shorts running toward me as awkward as can be with a kid’s bike under his arm.  I could hear his plastic flip flops a mile a way pounding the pavement.  Could he have worn less loud shoes?
Hey Honey, you want to go to the park and watch Connor ride his bike without training wheels!?
Selfish mom thinks- (heck no, I want to finish my walk and get back home and soak in a bubble bath while I read my trash magazines and see what trashy celebrities do while nannies watch the kids….besides there is no way in Hades Connor is riding that without training wheels).
Selfless mom says- ummm. Sure. Ok. Should be fun!
We all go to the park.  Before we are barely out of the car I hear….
I am NOT riding that bike.
I’ll hold on.
No you won’t!! You told a lied.  You won’t.
I will, don’t be a baby.  You don’t need training wheels.  Pretend you are in a race car.
I don’t want to race.  I don’t want to break my arm.
Just put your foot down if you fall.
I don’t want to put my foot down.  I don’t want to break my foot. I don't want to ride it.
Yes you do, pretend you are in a race and the trees are your fans.
Trees are not fans.  I’m not riding.
Connor get ON!

I tried to lose myself in Prince…You don’t have to be rich, to be my girl; You don’t have to be cool to rule my world….
Selfish mother… (no I do not want to tell him, I want to go home and watch Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime for Women)
Selfless mom says- Maybe he isn’t ready to ride the bike without training wheels?
Yes, he is.
No, I’m not ready.
Connor you could be a good rider!
Maybe we can all try again later.  What’s that?  Look! Look lightening bugs!  
We all proceeded to catch lightening bugs for the next five minutes.  Then we ride home where Connor pretended our car was a horse and carriage and I was the princess.
Don’t worry princess we will be home soon, don’t be scared.  Giddy Up!  Giddy Up!


  1. The first time I actually rode my bike without training wheels was only because I was too embarrassed and scared to admit to the super-cool, older, blonde-haired neighbor in my new neighborhood (with her impressive pink 80s bike)that I could not ride. I took that bike to the top of a hill and just decided to either hurt myself (because then I wouldn't have to ride anymore at least... for a while) or maybe, just maybe, I would make it. I didn't wreck, and I still remember that amazing feeling of flight and speed I had never felt before as I sailed down the road, and off into the summer air. I never told her the truth, and we were bike-riding buddies for the next couple of years that I lived in the neighborhood.

  2. ha. ha. I couldn't ride a bike until 9th grade!!!