Monday, June 3, 2013

Lemonlicious Luncheon

For a while now I have wanted to host a stress relief time for my friends who have so kindly offered it to me this year.  With limited space, limited time, limited money, limited everything....
it is just really hard to make a social time.

As the school year came to a close I made a pact to plan and invite women over to let them know how special they are, to let them know they are wonderful, to let them know that through positivity, love, and prayer one can turn any lemon (hard time) into lemonade!

If I had my way, I would have invited every woman that I know, but unfortunately I had to limit my numbers (due to that terrible word budget).  
This was my first hosting gig.  I learned that hosting is no easy task (but a special thank you to my patient husband who worked hard to help me make it happen).

I'm quite tired, but it was quite worth it.
I am (un)officially the Hostest with the Mostest.

I cordially invite you to the First Annual outdoor
Lemonlicious Luncheon
Monday, the third of June, two thousand and thirteen at noon (12:00pm)

Let's talk Food Prep. 

my kitchen at 10pm last night


I prayed for no rain during lunch!  
Thank you God (again).
and for protecting me from that speeding ticket.  
I will be careful God.  I promise (again).

I had some yellow flowers, plastic lemons and limes leftover, so I threw them in the "country club" pool.

Imagine- Mrs. E. helping me (again).

two minute center piece- looks like a million :) not sold in stores. 

Party Favors- yellow polish and lemon cake candle

Lunch Time

I feel like I am a grown up preparing food for other grown ups,
it is just all so grown upish.

Brocoli and Chicken Roli

Lemon Cake

I asked all the guests to wear one form of yellow and think about the lemon in their lives- stress, insecurity, work load, time, health. Whatever our lemons are, God made us resilient, smart, and capable women.  God prepared us for our journey.  He is always faithful when we are not.

I asked guests to fill in the blank throughout the meal-
When Life Gives You Lemons.....

(a few answers)
...ask God to turn them to apples.
...make lemon pie, and while your kids eat it, rest for 5 minutes.
....throw them back and ask for chocolate.
...make a Vitamin D. mask.
....make lemon margaritas.
....make lemon zest.
...pucker up buttercup.
...turn it into lemon passion.
...embrace it.
...make a lemon bridge, it will lead you to a land of sweet.

Whoever could make the host (me) the most creative, great tasting, and fun summer drink won a prize.  
I LOVE making the rules.

Fourth Prize:  Sunset

...and the winner receives....yellow lemon drop earrings! 

Third Prize:  Lemonlicious Lemonade

..and the winner receives....lemon kitchen towels! 

Second Prize-

..and the winner receives....lemonade mix! 

First Prize- drumroll please.
Diva Delight

(I got to keep the glass from William Sonoma otherwise known as the Dollar Tree in our neck of the woods.) 

my fun (and cheap friend)
made the ice cubes with cherries frozen inside

..and the winner receives

....a homemade Lemonlicious Hat! 
I know you will wear this with pride Ms. C!

Kentucky Derby Watch Out!!!

Thought Provoking Discussion...
 and Manicures?

say cheese with your new nails

I love and admire each and everyone of you, 
but next year it's going to be chips and dip ladies.

Remember, true friends who love and care about you for who you are, 
can help you turn your lemons into lemonade.
So sip all year!

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