Friday, June 14, 2013

The Incredible Carlee

The Incredible (Temperamental) Carlee


Carlee, Carlee 
You are the sweetest angel.
You bring so much joy to our family.
Already 15 months old.
You only weigh 20 pounds, and your height is in the 20th percentile for your age.
My tiny little baby girl.
You love puzzles, necklaces, chicken, your pink blanket, outside time, and any shoes that are not your own.
You are a quiet little girl.
there is a little something that I recognize about you Carlee. 

Perhaps it is  something deeply buried from this little fellow....

something that I had almost forgotten about- 
Connor's terrible, terrible tantrums.

Spanking (check), Time Out (check), Toys Away (check), but some of you mamas out there know that a strong willed child is spurred by punishment.  
Oh yes, they will get the paddle OUT of the drawer and cry like crazy, only to laugh afterwards to show out their stubborn side.  

Perhaps I have a touch of it myself, so I understand the mind of this type of child.

But you Dear Carlee, have a bit of a STRONG WILLED TEMPER.
The Incredible Carlee and The Case of the Broken Cookie
(my little angel, is actually mad because the cookie is broken!?! for real people)

It is OK Carlee-
We will work through it (and I will keep ice cream stashed in the freezer for after you go to the bed to calm my nerves). 

I HATE the lawnmower sound!!!!
(it is pretty scary sounding)

Buddy Love won't sit with me ALL DAY!!!
The water is moving! Why is the water moving?
Stop the water, I tell you!

Pick Me Up 24 Hours a Day
 or I am Gonna' Blow!

The milk won't come out of my sippy cup so I can eat this broken cookie (bleepity, bleep, bleep).

The ball won't stay in the air.
Levitate Ball.  Levitate!

I want nana to pick me UP!

I want nana to put me DOWN!

Mama won't let me breath under water, and I hate what humidity does to my HAIR!

I like the taste of the Chapstick, so give it BACK!

Carlee, I still think you are INCREDIBLE!
We love you.

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