Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dreams in a Box

With Summer comes sun, fun, and moms/dads scrambling for free entertainment to get OUT of the house.
I saw this great link posted online- 10 things to do with your children during the summer.  One of the ideas that I loved was allowing a child to decorate a huge box. 
 Let those kids get out and use their imagination.  Turn those boxes into spaceships, caves, a flying dragon......

Connor was very excited when I gave him a big box, but it all went south from there.
What did my Connor do with this box you must wonder? 
a caged lion, a scary pirate ship, a modified race care speeding to the finish?!
noooo.  He decided to become a 55 year old homeless divorcee.  
Oh the stuff dreams are made!


I'm afraid to give Carlee a box.  She might turn the box into a night club so she can Go Go dance and chain smoke.

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