Saturday, June 29, 2013

Week In Review

Summer= Pool Time

Library Program


I heart Summer.

Deck Lunch

Cousins I
Picking up the Cousins from Tubing.
We were laughing so hard because there was barely space for the cousins and tubes. 
Girl O. is back there somewhere and Boy O. is holding my hat for me.

Buddy Love and Reiley
Someone dropped a stray off at our house- 
Darren calls him Black Dog and Connor and O. call him Reiley.

Cousins II

Cousins III
O. is making sure Connor's float doesn't go into the deep part.

Cookie Ice Cream


We were able to get a sitter for Carlee and watch Monsters University.
It was such a good movie.

Connor is like Mike, his head barely reaches the square.

I am Sully.

I was a little nervous about the Lowe's Hardware Clinic.
When we got there, there was no teaching or help.

They hand you a kit and you go for it.
I pulled out my number two pencil and started marking like I was a professional.
(I am NOT a professional.  I've used a hammer like twice in my life.)

We were the last two left in the room....

but Connor created a good looking Monsters University chest.

Multitasking Yoga Moves and brushing teeth

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