Saturday, June 22, 2013

Night at the Spa

While daddy and C. go the the racetrack, 

I shall host a 
Spa Evening.
(I don't want to brag, but I am the best in town).


First, I start you off with a delicious strawberry tart for fuel and energy.  

As Ms. Etiquette would say, 'to eat like a lady, a lady should make sure to finish each small bite before staring the next bite'.

Next, enjoy a botanical mulch body scrub.

This will energize the body, 

and brushes away impurities (except worms) while stimulating the circulation.

Enjoy a detoxification with a luxurious thermal bubble bath
(and try not to soak the floor in the process, and I guess one could use the loofah as a necklace if one wants).

Moisturizing the skin is important to promote youthfulness and vitality.

Relax while receiving a southern blowout that would make Dolly Parton envious.

Warning- blowdrying the hair may feel so good, you might want to sleep like a baby.

After my treatments, 
you will feel and look as young as a child again!

There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from-
Zany Curls

or Whispy Waves.

Spa Evening would not be complete without trying on shoes of course.

Check out this little lady walking in my wedding heels.
She did better than I did ten years ago.

Time for a pedicure!
You may pick the color 
(but you can't eat it).

Nice Choice-
This polish is called
Too Pink to Hold Em
or as this lady likes to call everything
"da da".

Things were going good until she painted a streak down her whole foot.

What is a Spa Evening without accessories???

It only adds to our style!

Jewels are also a very important part of a ladies apparel.

Less is more....
 unless we are talking jewelry, darlings.

As you can see, 
after Spa Evening this lovely lady was ready for the red carpet while visiting her mema.

My Spa customers are the best.

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