Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pool Trip (a nursery rhyme)

For the first time ever, 
I took both a seven year old and a one year old to the pool.
by myself.
to the pool.
All I can tell you is that it inspired a story rhyme from me-

The Pool Trip
Amanda Sechrist

“Mom, Mom let’s go to the pool!” they say, 
they have no clue what mom has to do this day.
She starts packing up the bags of twenty four, 
cookies, juice, sunscreen, water toys, and more
(when we pack the van we can hardly shut the door)!

Out we go while mom feels like a pack mule, 
begging the children to please follow the number one rule-
no whining, no running, no screaming, and no clowning,
but most of all the #1 rule is absolutely NO DROWNING.
Mom sighs as she sees the children run/totter toward the glistening blue, 
trying to unpack the bags and still watch the crew.
don't worry- I am holding her- she didn't disappear under the float
“Please wait, don’t do that,  I’ll be right there....
I’m trying really hard right now not to swear”.
Baby wants to play in the shallow with her toy, 
and the other wants to jump cannon balls in the deep like a big boy.
Trying to make both happy is an impossible feat, 
did you ask me again what I brought to eat!!!

My back begins to ache, watching every move you two make,
all this lifting, bending, turning is killing me for goodness sake!
With these kids, I am a lifeguard that could get a day’s pay,
With these kids, I am a nun the way I pray. 
I glance at a young woman swimming in a lovely two piece suit, 
I do believe abs ‘before children’ look so much more cute.

Hair disarray, extra pounds, and wrinkles, 
maybe I shouldn’t have had that extra scoop with sprinkles.
Hands filled with sunscreen, protecting children from the summer gleam, 
I have SPF coverage- I'm wearing a one piece from 1913.

I couldn’t appreciate the days of the past, 
when laying on a blanket and getting a tan was a blast.
Reading a book with a little fashionable bag, 
when I could taste my food and everything didn't sag.

Then I hear giggles from a chubby face, 
I really wouldn’t want to be in any other place.
A baby touches water and squeals with joy, 
watching fancy tricks and getting hugs from a wet little boy.

Walking to the van as tired as can be,
listening to the jabber and voices filled with glee.
Did those bags and towels multiply?
Everything weighs 1,000 pounds when it’s not dry.
Happy children resting in the ride,
telling me 'I am the best mom' fills me with pride.
A mother’s job is really hard,
you have to constantly have energy and be on guard.
While our work is never done, 
it’s a small price to pay for summer fun.
Thank you for all God, you are The Best, 
and please forgive me as I ask for one more small request....
Peaceful children who don't slap, 
while mom takes an hour long nap.

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