Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week in Review

Baby Shower
When I met Ms. A she was in first grade, and now she is having her own baby shower!
Her mama is like an older sister to me.

Baby Boy= Big Adventures Ms. A.

All I can really tell you about this picture is- Wreck #3 in the Van.
Darren had to pull this piece off of it, and when I asked him if it was important he said, "it isn't now".

It wasn't my fault, I didn't see that concrete slab in the middle of the parking lot (otherwise known as parking spaces)!? 
I feel like I'm driving one of these.

I would have much better luck if I were driving something small (and stylish).  Why can't they make one of these in van version?

 After the children are in bed, I have enjoyed going out on the deck with D. 
Real conversation is nice.
& I love evening in the summer.

One of the best dinner with friends.
We laughed the ENTIRE time.
-good people, good food, good drink, good stories-
cherry yum yum! 
(I call it cherry yummmmmmmmm, yummmmmmmmmmmm)

We really laughed hard when I pulled this out of my purse.  
I accidentally took the house phone instead of the cell phone!!!

 It looked like I had one of the first cell phone's invented!

Oh how I adore this movie:

This local theater group was putting on a performance of Steel Magnolias, and I got to go watch it this weekend.
Let me tell you it did not disappoint.  
The ending of the play still had me in tears.  
This was performed by excellent and talented local performers, and I give it two thumbs up.

   At the end we all got a slice of a "sonker" (cobbler).
(I had never heard of Sonker until this experience.)

I enjoyed going with my sweet friend (who looks amazing from her weight loss) and her sweet grandma.  
Many chapters of the Red Hat Society attended the showing, 
and I so loved their red/purple feathers, hats, and attire!
One woman had a red leather watch. AWE-SOME.

Carlee is switching all the tags in the garden.
We just blame the dog, Buddy Love.

Last night C. had his cousin over to our house, and I swear they played football for hours.   
Cousin O. gave the boys a challenge (for real).  
While I was at dinner, Darren whisked the kids off for ice cream.  
(I miss all the fun).

Rainy Days-
Go Away.....
...come again another day.

This morning we had the best BREAKFAST.
Think hash browns, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs, tenderloin....oh my....
For some reason we all walked up and down Main Street after breakfast.
I had not been in some of these shops in years.  
We went in and out of all the shops including the toy store, candy store (A+ for the chocolate covered peanuts), and gift shops.   Carlee had BIG fun.  Connor hated the noise from the traffic.

This is my stepsister and her family.
They are stationed in England.
I have never met my youngest nephews.

My parents have been away visiting them, and we have been so jealous.  We so want to see them.
But, THE nena and papa came back tonight bearing gifts and candy all the way from England!
Glad you are back home safe.

It's been a great week!

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