Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 7 Months Carlee

Happy 7 Months Carlee!

 -When you laugh or when you are happy you stick your little tongue out.  You are the Gene Simmons of babies.

-Has it really been sixteen months since I learned I was pregnant?!?  Time is going so fast sweet Carlee.

-Miss Independence- squirms away when I try to rock and cuddle. :(  (you are just like Connor, once he started crawling I could barley pin him down for a kiss.) 

-Two bright and shiny teeth on the bottom. (Did I really think I would never use ALL those bibs?)

-You are crawling (in reverse).  You can make it all over the house going backwards, but you hit a snafu when you move under the bed and couch. 


-Still having tummy issues....I think your on the small side, but Dr. T says your just right. 

-Your fine motor skills have really improved.  You are now able to pick up the teeniest of objects.... for your mouth.  I have the grey hairs to prove it.

-Your starting to turn nocturnal on me again.  Teething perhaps? Or perhaps the princess knows she will be picked up at the slightest call??

love these two crazies
-You look like your brother more and more.  He is very protective over you (meaning he drives me crazy with every little thing you do...MOM, SHE WILL GET DIRTY, SHE WILL CHOKE, SHE WILL GET HURT.....oy! he thinks he is the mama).


Carlee at 7 months old and Connor at 1 month old (right). Thankful we have a better photographer with you, Connor looks ticked barley out of the womb.

-You love toys, noisy toys.  One day I will reclaim my living room for things like company and reading, but for now it is like ToyLand threw up.

-You must think your pretty good lookin' because you love the mirror.  (We think your pretty good lookin' too!)

-Temper. Temper.  As your daddy puts it 'not another one with a short fuse' (he is soooo out numbered now).  You kick those feet hard, get very red, and give a disgruntled whine scream when you can't get things you want.  Starting so early......

-We cannot let you see the bottle or you think you MUST HAVE IT ASAP.  You love the bottle more than the paci.

-You can sit up perfectly.

-You are much work Carlee Anne, but worth every thing... you precious baby girl.  We are so thankful to God for you.

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