Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week in Review

Sick and Boring Weekend
(missed the chicken stew :( ) 


Medicine Basket and Dr. Daddy

Sickness isn't slowing one person down....

Lights Out Awana Night

Tiger Cub Scout

I was soooo excited to get this in the mail (for Carlee of course), 
such beautiful dolls, 
such high prices.

New Bag-
I finally got everything replaced after my old one was stolen two weeks ago.

Watching binders full of political arguments.

Next nightly chapter books- 
Magic Tree House.  

Darren asked me about Connor's "good conduct" award:  
really, are you kidding?
oh come on he isn't that bad...
ok well...
sort of...
its part of a new behavior incentive.... 
never mind.

We will work on that conduct, meanwhile a clip from the "handsome dancesome" show.


Pumpkins Heads


  1. Didn't know you guys had been sick too! I think all the fresh air last weekend got us! lol

  2. I guess so! Either that or all the snot the kids have sneezed all over me all week...I'm going to have to go to school wearing a NASA suit.