Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching Up- Week in Review

I'm blogging at 3:00am.  Why?  Well for two reasons.  Number one Carlee woke me up.  Number two I accidentally took Connor's adhd pill instead of my allergy pill.  You would think it would calm me, but instead its like I've had five red bulls. (don't judge me, I was very distracted...again).  

I've already put it on my list to get a few pill boxes later to ensure this doesn't happen again.  Just a week ago Darren said to me that we are going to get all these medicines mixed up.  My response- 'do you think I'm some kind of idiot, I read the labels'.  So here I am...a sleep deprived idiot.  Lately I haven't had time or energy to blog, which is unfortunate because I really enjoy keeping it up.  At least I've found the secret to being able to pee in privacy and blog...just take drugs that aren't prescribed to you right before bed time and then wake up suddenly at 3:00am.  See, we moms can have free time!

For the past several months my emotions have been all over the place.  I fear that some depression/anxiety has been hanging out and all of sudden it wrapped its cloak around me while I wasn't looking.  I've spoken to my doctor.  I'm telling you before I could barely say anything it was 'here are a few prescription antidepressants'.  My blood pressure wasn't checked, my weight wasn't check, no one asked me if I had mental illness in the family. It was are some M&Ms...have a great day.  It was kind of nerve racking how fast I was given a prescription.  I have tried it but it puts my brain in slow motion and in a fog.  I think from paragraph one of this blog, we have established anything that slows my brain is NOT GOOD, I mean jeez I could end up in another state not knowing my name or address.
On the other hand, it could just be a very, very, very busy time in my life right now and any other human would feel the same.  Its so hard to determine these things.  I've tried to make an honest attempt at creating balance, but right now my life is like a train and I don't know where the breaks are to even slow it. 

On a positive note this weekend allowed me to enjoy this gorgeous fall weather.  I have to say that Spring is my all time favorite season but Fall is a close second.

Fall Week in Review

We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch!  Read more about it here.

  Every year the Christmas Play is a source of agony for me because the only year Connor took part was at age three or four.  He acted like a crazed monkey the WHOLE TIME.  After that he never wanted to do it again.  This is the first year he said "mom I want to do it".  
Guess what?  He is going to be Snoopy.  Not too big, not too small of a part.  Just perfect for us.  
I am soooooo excited about the Christmas Play this year.

Planning Halloween Costume
Connor decided I needed some face paint-  helicopter face paint.

Not a bad helicopter.  I could be "Tired Mom Rides Helicopter" for Halloween this year.

Unexpected Doc Visits.  Connor broke out into this weird rash (doc says allergies).  My right heel was in so much pain at the end of the day I couldn't walk.  After much money to a foot specialist, I am being treated for plantar fascia.  Exercise is on the back burner for a little while.

Annual Fair Trip 

I am so fortunate to have a principal that from day one has allowed my exceptional needs students to be as independent as possible.  I have read/heard so many stories at varying schools/blogs where exceptional needs students are shut into a room all day, some not even allowed to go to recess because of the “dangers” of allowing children with needs out of the building.  Ridiculous.  
I wish I could post the smiles and joy of the students going to the fair.  They had so much fun and did a great job. Mrs. E. even joined us for a while.  I am also so lucky to work with both Mrs. E. and Mrs. L! These two women are so amazing with our students.  Teacher’s assistants are never given the credit they deserve.

This particular picture below is meaningful and funny to us.  

Many years ago when we first started going to the fair, we took a very active group.  A few of the boys had some impulse control issues, but I felt certain they could go with no problems.  We were all gathered around this statue for a picture.  I had made it clear they needed to stand still, be careful, quit jumping, don’t hang, etc. etc. etc.  I had even called the school to brag on what a great job they were doing, when i heard a CRACKKKKKKKKK!!!!


You guessed it.  Someone broke the statue.  I was HORRIFIED.  All I could think about was that our principal was NEVER letting us go back again, the school system would be billed thousands of dollars, I WOULD be billed thousands of dollars, the fair would ban our school, or yell at the kids!

To make matters worse I had to carry this guy- statue’s “broken part” across the whole park to the main office (with a group of thirteen children trailing behind me).  Can you get a visual here?  Me with this guy-statue’s part and all the children walking single file across the fair grounds.  I had to give my name, school’s name, address, number.....all while holding this guy-statue’s part.

The things I get myself into.

Luckily, my school was good about it, there were no charges, and just this year they fixed this guy-statue’s part.  (thank goodness).  No picture with kids and the staute.  It makes me laugh every time I think about it.   :)

I guess glue just didn't cut it.

First Scout Assignment- 
family scrapbook
I heart pictures. 

Loving my T&Ts. 
 They encourage me to be more in Christ.  
They rock.

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