Friday, September 14, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

It's Friday and I give new meaning to the word TIRED.  Someone keeps begging me to check out the nearby zoo..... apparently a lot of work went into the building of this zoo so I decided to check it out. 

This was our guide.  For some reason he insisted on NOT wearing very much clothing.  He runs the place.

He told our group (and by group I mean me and Johnny Depp) all about this tree boa. (He isn't the only one with an imagination.)

Our Zoo Guide gave us this map.

He said it includes "Africa, Australia, and Baltimore" ??
I have to say maps confuse me, but this one really confused area looked like the other area.

Dino Sighting

Copperhead (do those bars looks safe to you?)

Poisonous Spitting King Cobra
(I wouldn't know any of this if it wasn't for our intelligent zoo guide.)

A variety of species such as the "spotted piggy bankilla" and the "blue tarantula".

If you look inside this area you will find a wild and terrifying animal...

called a "Cheetah named Buddy Love!" Beware.

This sign reads "DANGER- Deadly Spider".

Don't get too close.
Deadly Spider 
Our tour was interrupted because our zoo guide had an emergency call.

At first I thought he was showing off for the camera, but then 
I actually witnessed (as he was telling me) him air lifting a tiger.... 

into his helicopter.  It was a close one.

After the emergency, we saw some birds.

and (our neighbors) plant life (because I have no green thumb talent).

Back to Africa.  We had to be very quiet because....

this new baby monkey, just born, was sleeping.

Feeding Time

Green Snake (this zoo has a lot of freaking snakes).

The anticipation was killing me when...

he revealed an African Rock Python.

He made me touch it, but I was not bitten once.

I didn't want to go, but I'm glad I went because it was a VERY interesting and exciting trip!


  1. This is so sweet. He has the most wonderful imagination and I know he had so much fun with this. I had fun just seeing the pictures!

  2. Jessica please come to our zoo, we would love to have you!