Friday, September 21, 2012

10 Signs I'm Doing Too Much

Lately there have been a few signs in my life that are telling me that I am doing too much.  Don't get me wrong, I'm always guilty of "forgetfulness" but it has reached an all time high (or rather low) this week.

1.  I poured my soda into my salad at lunch.  (The salad dressing was in my other hand.)

2.  My reflexes are super slow.

fast feet: do not try to save time by not getting the high chair

Carrots anyone??

3.  This is what the back of my van looks like.  I've got church bags, diaper bags, and school bags all mixed up.  Which may be the reason I was 15 minutes late last Wednesday night because I had my school bag while my church bag sat in the kitchen floor.

4.  Brownie Sale- Demise of my Diet
I think I was the top buyer eater (and I was eating so clean in the beginning).

5.  My iPod suddenly had 267 pictures.  Do you want to see the mystery pictures?





  etc. to 152 pictures

You get the "picture".   Hey who doesn't want a minute by minute photo journal of ones life?
 A student obviously wasn't playing her educational app. (and I had no clue she was snapping away).   I guess I could be flattered I was her photographic subject, but no fun to delete 267 pictures of me!

6.  This week my fantastical teachers came together to provide little gifts to brighten Mrs. E's day during her rounds of was a wonderful basket!

butttttt her chocolates were starring me down like the demon it was...and I sorta, kinda had to borrow a few under the stress, 
and a few more, 
and a few more.
Yep, I'll be replacing poor Mrs. E's chocolates from her chemo basket. SHAME on me. 

I confessed to Mrs. E.  right away(another chocoholic).  She not only forgave me she sympathized that chocolate of any kind can NEVER be around me if it has a fighting chance of survival.
I need chocolate under stress in the same way that Cher needs plastic surgery in order to fit into her fishnet pants.

7.  This is what my hair looks like at the end of the day. 

8.  I swear to you I took a cat nap for like 5 MINUTES, and when I woke up caution tape was hanging across our house.  Caution Tape?  I have no idea where it came from. Connor says he got it "after school".  All I know is that if you hear of a crime scene that is missing never saw this picture
what the juice?

9.  I hyperventilated when 24 hours after signing an agreement to NOT lose my iPad or else pay for it.  I lost my iPad.  I accused everyone and their mother of stealing it (I knew those elderly neighbors looked suspicious) and destroyed the house before I found it one of the house drawers.

10.  I had a nervous breakdown in front of my mother in law.  She offered this advice- You need to stop doing so much stuff now and you need to quit rushing around here crazy like.  You need to get your stuff done at night.  Now you just stop running around crazy, you hear.
Now I know that quote wasn't a Hallmark card but it all came from love in her heart for me. 
(note to self- next time have a nervous breakdown in front to the man who sits in front of the post office.)

My friends and husband have told me for months to scale back.  No, no, no I can do it, I said.  No, no, no I can't, I'm saying now.  This week is devoted to me.  Organizing, clearing out cabinets (gone junk food), moving outside for walks, back to my vitamins, making time for more prayer and scriptures, I'm cutting everything out that I can cut out, and (this one is going to hurt) cutting the technology out after 6 to spend time with my family (school work or no school work).  I'm coming back!  If I don't, I will literally burn out and move to Vegas to be a card dealer who plays for chocolate coins.

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