Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Connor!

Happy Birthday Connor!

Sometimes as a parent I tell you everything you are not doing....'why are you not being responsible', 'why can't you remember what I tell you', 'why did you say that', 'why are you not paying attention', etc.  
Birthdays are days to celebrate everything you are.  You are a Blessing, special, created in God's likeness, a ray of light, funny, intelligent, sweet, loving, handsome, imaginative, creative, and the best Big Brother.  We love you very much.


Life is so different for different people.  
Me: How so?
Connor:  Dad keeps his car in the package and I like to take mine out of the package.  Life is so different for him.
Me:  You said it.

I'm changing my name.
My new name is either going to be 'Tree Boa', 'Snake Hunter', or 'Ashton'.

Connor:  Carlee needs to be on the show Cats from Hell.

Connor:  Where do sky divers and scuba divers use the bathroom?
Me:  If I'm a sky diver than immediately after I jump out of the the sky.
Connor:  I guess scuba divers use it in the ocean like kids in the pool.

Connor:  I need chest hair.

Connor:  God is lucky, he can go to the NC Zoo anytime He wants.

Connor:  I want to go to a college where I can stay home at night.  I don't want to ever leave my mom and dad. 
(I have it in quotes people)

Birthday Weekend Recap:


What could possibly make SNAKE cupcakes better?
 Sharing with your first grade class!!!

   Silly String Fight!

Party w. family and friends


As you put it "Did you see that WWE Style Wrestling Match between the alligators?"


Carlee LOVES Connor's Birthday Fun!


Snakes, Snakes, SNAKES!!!!

Mom (me) about to lose the baby on the Carousel.

Mom (me) having the joy of walking behind this couple who is not only making out "but" also rubbing each other's butt.
hey if I have to see it, so do you
(and you thought the baboons were bad...jeez whiz)

The actual size of an elephant foot, trunk, and tail.

Emergency Landing

My Handsome Boy

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