Monday, September 3, 2012

Laboring on Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend in Review:


more paperwork...

oh look more paperwork!
I don't even remember what sun, air, and earth feel like....I'm on the computer so much I'm scrolling and clicking to try to start the oven.

(If the year continues at this rate, my blog time will be considerably down.)

Trying a bit of Autumn before Labor Day with a new recipe.

Apples and Pork chops for dinner.  I expected sweet, tender chops and cooked apples, buttttt
 I got limp, tough pork chops with no flavor and over done apples. (I tried, I tried)

Preparing, what else? but Animal Planet goody bags for Connor's upcoming birthday (he wanted 'All Venomous Snake' goody bags but there isn't a huge retail for that product).

More paperwork in the form of T&T lesson planning....
(having downtime is overrated, right?)

During all this planning and cleaning, I did the laundry right away
...I just didn't fold the laundry right away.
I had good intentions, but then something would come up and I would throw the laundry on the bed.  I see lots of ironing in my future (that I really won't do).

In between my work I did meet a WILD adventurer on his way to a mud swamp full of dangerous reptiles (whose earrings are tiger stickers)..... 
yes, my makeup has been ambushed many times for tribe paint

 and I met a lady who can do amazing toe touches.

Having a 
Labor Day nap in her new sleep suit  from Mrs. D (jealous).

Taking time out to ride with NO training wheels, 

and he has the war scars to prove it!

I did manage to sneak away with my friend J., where we had a hilarious night out laughing and joking.  She killed me in pool, but really NOT an accomplishment.  Anything that requires aim or skill is not my strong point, I can barely tie my shoes.

The fam. even made it to a cookout.  Delicious shrimp, family time, and Carlee got some 1-1 time with all the aunties and uncles.

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

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