Sunday, November 30, 2014

Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters

Petting Stingrays



Fascinating SeaWorld Show
(can I share that I received a free ticket because a random stranger had an extra and gave it to me!?!  #God@Work)

Connor said he wanted to be a performer for SeaWorld.  
Darren and I decided if this happened we would tell our friends he was a "Dolphin Specialist".

Shark Tank

I always think of Free Willy.

Nighttime Festivities

Seal Feedings

Orca Wales

Animals are Exhausting

Nighttime Dolphin Petting

Turtle Trek

Holiday Show

Animal Kingdom


Kilimanjaro Safaris

(I personally think Lazy 5 Ranch is way cooler.  here and here.)

Carlee was excited by things like flowers and grass (things you can find in the backyard).


The Lion King Show (two thumbs up)

At the end of the week and three parks later, Connor was on sensory processing overload.  
I told him I was going to beat him if he didn't start having fun.  
"Mom you can't beat a kid for their fears."  -C.
true. dat.

I have to agree that even with ear buds everything is way tooooo loud at these parks, so we switched to less loud activities like the
Fossil Playground.

Happy Now

Lamb Attack!

Tree of Life

The Wildest Animals of All

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