Sunday, May 4, 2014

Full Weekend: No Checklist & Ice Cream Smears

This weekend was filled up with things to do.
Yet, I didn't get anything done on my checklist.
I didn't mark off one item on my checklist,
and it was GREAT.

I may be wearing an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt with my suit in the morning, and
we may have ice cream for dinner, but it was well worth it.

Special Olympics

Here I am with my sidekick.
We called our colleague to run us all the jackets she could find, including the extras we have bought for children who forget.

Yep, even we had to wear the spare kid jackets.
At least we were warmer, 
and fun was had by all!

I even ran into a fellow sister from my church!  She already had many ribbons.


That night I joined my friends for our annual Wings trip!  
It was so wonderful.
I love these friends, and now one of them is at my school this year.  yipeeeee.

As I was taking a picture of the treat (that we always have to have), I dropped my camera in the ice cream scoops.

Mrs. R-J. tried to clean it up, but you can still see an ice cream smear in a lot of my pictures:

ice cream smear on Carlee's sleeve

ice cream smear on the (goat's?) nose

ice cream smear on Connor's face

My poor camera isn't very old, but it has already been through it all (even ice cream).

Saturday:  Lazy 5 Ranch 
Saturday AM we were up bright and early for the Puggles church field trip!
The Puggles have spent all year learning with Mrs. M. and Mrs. A the Godly principals:
  -God Made Everything
-God Saw That It Was Good
-God is Love
-Give Thanks

We were a little sad when Mrs. M. was unable to attend due to a conflict at the last minute, but we were so thankful she organized this special day. 

A bonus surprise is that my brother C. and my niece came out with us!
(hey we only got turned around once, not bad for us)

I love all of the Puggles and their families, 
so it made for a great day.  Check out these sweet pictures (minus the ice cream smears):

Fun on the Ranch

Connor had a Great Day with Uncle C.

Carlee had to make sure that no animals were about to mess her up first.

Personal Space.  Personal Space Please.

At a distance we can handle these 'maminals'!

No necking when the Puggles come over.

Zebra Print

That Tickles

A mom who loves animal spit (and rocks), just like her fun little boy!

Wanna Feed??

Fun with Families


At some point I dropped my camera on the wagon, and it refused to cut on.  If this happens to you, use this technique: 
I beat it a few times with my palm and it works now.

Lots to Study and See

Over here?  Over there?  
Let's do it all at the same time.


Sunday:  Nursery
We ended the weekend with me and Darren being able to help cover the nursery.

WARNING:  Cute Tot Pictures AHEAD

Jonah and the Whale: 
As told by a Shark and The Big Show

(I hope these gals don't need therapy now, I've had a boy for a long time.)

ha. ha. ha. 
This is one crazy nursery worker.

I want to shake, shake, shake these sensory bottles.
And then, 
drink, drink, drink these sensory bottles
... so mom has to take, take, take them away.

Helloooo in there, 
want to come out so the whale can eat you pretty kitty, like Jonah?

On the Move!

Whale Belly... Dog Belly.. 
all the same, right?

ha. ha. ha.
I am soooo happy and cute.

Hey, this Jonah kid was a bit of a wimp, I bet three days isn't bad.  
Just the same as being in a dog's belly....

Let us find a way to explore and deconstruct!

Darren, you go get them... 
I will be right here taking pictures.

Puppy Love

God gave us many special people, places, and experiences (with no checklist) this weekend.

“…Hosanna! Blessed is 
He who comes in the 
name of the Lord!” 
Mark 11:9 

Now I have go to go get me some of this...
but I am not taking a picture, I will borrow this one from the Internet.

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