Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear Diary, Spring Break has been.....

Dear Diary, 

Spring Break has been very nice.
Still,  I think we have a big problem around here.
All of a sudden I am hearing the BIG people talk about things I don't like, such as taking my paci (I’m down to one and they won’t take it alive I tell you)!!   
They also want me to do things like talk before I get my cookie.  TALK!  If God wanted me to talk, he wouldn’t have made cookies for me to eat instead. 
And, then there is this thing called the potty.
Have you seen the “potty” Diary!?!  
I’m no fool. I threw a couple of toys down that thing one time and in the words of  Kramer (it) ‘sucked it down like Coca-Cola’.  No way am I sitting on that thing!!!  
It is totally unnatural.

Basically things have been changing pretty fast around here.
One minute I’m getting all wrapped in a blanket with the only expectation to burp, 
You have a problem with the paci and not this shoe!?  okkkkkkkk, whatever.

and now I have to pick up my blocks!  
Are you kidding me? 
I just learned how to stack the things up!?!  

If you ask me, the BIG people have bigger fish to fry: 

It’s like the song goes: 
I’m not a baby, still not a girllllllll.
All I need is time,
A moment that is mine,
While I'm in between.

(and I prefer that moment with ice cream thank you very much).

Like I said, even though it has been a pretty good Spring break.  
I am exhausted.

I had to play princess with mom for a while before I told her....

...sometimes a girl needs to be left alone with her motorcycle.

I did get to go to my favorite place:  The PARK.  
At first it was hard to make the kids pay attention to me, but somebody has to do it, and I don't give up.

Dear Diary, 
I am liking the swing a little more these days.
The key to the perfect swinging technique is the right amount of push with the bigger amount of resistance.  

Too much push and I go back to the spit up days, and I really don't think anyone wants that....

Sand is good and fine, until someone gets dirty.
No. Thank. You.

Bubba thought he was going to play with other people.

So, ha. ha.  
I found my own friends.

My Bubba understands.  

He really gets me. 
He will always find my paci if I need it 
(even if the BIG people say no).

Who doesn't like a boy like this looking out for you? 
I watch him carefully. 

If he throws, I throw.

If he sleeps in the tent all night, 
I sleep too! 
(unless someone puts me to bed, I'm talking to YOU daddy)

If he face plants into the do I.  
I can do it better!!

If he kicks, 

I kick...
(hey Bubba, I am your back up... call me).

If he rides, 

I ride.

If his shoes come off, 
so do mine!

If he plays baseball, 
I play baseball AND shortstop.

If Bubba gets on the fridge, 
I will work hard and get on the fridge too!
(that cute bunny didn't magically happen people)

I love my Bubba, 
and I will look out for him because he is the best!

Should you be on the back of that truck?  Is that safe?
Where is the "paci and potty patrol" now???

Sooooo maybe I was a little bitter when I heard Bubba and Mama went to a BIG 3D movie without me, 

and then they got to see cousins O and O's special day 
(without me).

They said I was too "noisy".  
I say, 
make up your mind people, do you want me talk or don't you?!?

Mama said the kids are growing too fast 
(apparently they were around BC- Before Carlee).  
I just know it couldn't have been too fun BC.

I am trying to move on from the bitterness.
Mama had to blow a lot of flowers before I got over it.


I did get to see my Cousin A.  
She told me her BIG people won't let her climb on the dinner table with her shoes, and they make her SHARE her toys.

Is the whole world going mad!?!

I gave her a flower because I know how she feels.

I think she is feeling better about it all now.

it sure is a BIG world for a little tot like me. 
There is always something to explore, and there is always trouble to get into! 

I'm not a baby, not yet a girllllll.....
But if you look at me closely,
You will see it in my eyes.
This TOT will always find
Her way.
(with a little help of course)

Every girl needs a daddy that makes sure she doesn't float down the river alone....

...and a mama that teaches the best accessory is to be 
HAPPY that God made me and my family!



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