Sunday, May 11, 2014

One Coo Coo Mother

Happy Mother's Day!
To All the Coo Coo Moms

I think these 'Facts About Mom' (written by Connor) pretty much summarize things:

How do you spell your mom's name:  
(well, we are from the south)

How old is your Mom?  40 
(only five years off, I haven't aged gracefully)

What is your mom's job? being a teacher 
(and full time servant)

Why do you have your mom and not someone else's mom?  because she is my mom 
(profound, yet true)

What does your mom like to wear? school clothing 
(because I lost my cool a long time ago, and nothing else fits)

What does your mom smell like? perfume 
(I think this is only because he didn't want to spell baby wipes and bratwurst sausage)

What is something that your mom always says?  
No.  No to Wrestling 
(not... I love you?  not... God Loves You?  Not... You Can Do It? Just No. and No to Wrestling.  my favorite sayings)

What makes your mom mad
me. and when my baby sister crys.
(At this point I am wondering if the teacher is about to report me to the state.  Doesn't my compassion pour out on the pages?  I get mad at my son for no reason and the baby for crying.)

What makes your mom happy?  
Mother's Day 
(my least favorite holiday)

What does your mom do when she is with her friends?  
(true dat.  I chat.)

Why is your mom the best mom ever?  
because shes nice 
(except to sons and crying babies)

these two have totally changed me in a 'I hope you don't notice I've used dry shampoo spray for 7 days in a row kind of way'.  (We won't even talk about what they have done to daddy's hair.)



What can I say? we love these little boogers.  
Every night I sneak into those bedrooms to watch them breathe. (that sounds creepy doesn't it?)   

I'm thankful for those moments when I can just watch.  
Not correct, or worry, or chase... just watch and thank God.

They are each growing so fast and turning into these human people!
It is scary, exhilarating, terrifying, fun, exhausting, exciting.....

This year Connor has made it his mission to make this a very nice Mother's Day for me.
It was AwESomE

He made breakfast for me with a very nice handmade card and a school picture that is WAY handsome.  
It was a very delicious breakfast!

Then we went to another breakfast for me, where he shared a root beer and chocolate chip pancake with me (yes at 9am, root beer!?!)
I was pretty full and less energetic than him.

He also said his soccer team won for my Mother's Day Saturday.

Even Carlee got into the action, 
although she didn't dare share her gravy with me. 
(and that is the whole reason I had children. for the extra gravy)

Darren and I  even went on our first date night in a long, long time.  Connor picked out our clothing, 

and made a note from "Darren" to me.


At church Connor planted a flower, and gave me a beautiful rose (and then beat it against everything in sight before we got to the car).  

I was very busy trying to organize our children's project for our dear mothers this morning:

I was so into it I left my car running outside for a half hour with the trunk opened before Darren found it.  
I unloaded.... I just got distracted (with the kids) on my way back to the car. 
Then, I left my phone under a chair in the Mature Sunday School class that played a cha-cha ring tone every 10 minutes for a full hour (I just wanted to die after I was told it was going off the whole time)!?!
Before I died of humiliation, I found my debit card in the hallway.  
I have no idea what happened.  

I think I blacked out in a Mom's M&M stupor.
right Carlee?

is Coo Coo.

Lucky I had some stress relief this weekend:

We played the craziest card game I have ever played, but it was such fun laughing and laughing and laughing.

(and I won!)

So this Mother's Day, I am here to admit it first, I'm Coo Coo! 
BUT, I still know a thing or two...

I know you little Carlee have a 
shy nature but a fighting spirit,
you like shoes, dresses, and sparkles
you love airplanes and motorcycles, 
but NOT lawnmowers.
I love you.

I know you Big Brother Connor, 
have a wild spirit but a very gentle nature.
Your kindness will be mistaken for weakness in this world, and
your creativity will be misunderstood (but not by me).
Your laughter touches everyone.
I love you.

Happy Mother's Day C&C
Love Your, 
 coo coo, teacher clothing wearing, don't let the baby cry, chocolate chip eating,


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