Sunday, November 30, 2014

Famous People

Both of my children couldn't wait to meet Disney characters.  Connor because he wants to be a mascot one day and Carlee because she LOVES Mickey and Minnie.

Here is a short video on meeting the famous people of Disney:

First Talking Mickey.  Connor was most fascinated with the fact that he could blink.
(Dollar Store Autograph Book)

Winnie the Pooh

Dolly the Dolphin and Shamu

A quick glimpse at Alice

Safari Breakfast

Goofing with Goofy

Donald (he signed his name with a #1)


Petting Pluto

Rafiki's Planet Watch

Don't worry Carlee, I think Rafiki is strange too!

A little Dug Love.

OK Dug, I can't breathe!

Dug and Russell

The highlight of Carlee's Life!

She loves Minnie, but who doesn't??

Famous People

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