Sunday, November 30, 2014

After Hours

We also had great fun back at the house with five cousins!  I was a little worried about getting that many people in one house.  It was a nonstop party for the kids. 
We already miss what we have called our "cousins from England" who now reside in Florida.  

Getting to know the most precious and active boys (and two little girls), was the highlight of my week!  I learned little stories about each and it made me appreciate their parents even more.

Celebrating Mr. K's birthday.  Four of us share a birthday in a row 19-22.

My trucker princess.  
Carlee loves her hat with Ariel hair.  I'm thinking my Elsa hat looks pretty good too!  Maybe I need to go blonde.

Pirate Lunch
Connor changed his message after I told him he couldn't write- I farted.

Little Princesses and Pirates

A few rainy days and downtime.

Nighttime Pool Party

We have so much to be thankful to God  
Thanksgiving and Stuffing
Sweet Babies

There was a place to play football and slide across the street.

Swinging Fun

It is going to be so hard to get back to work!

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