Saturday, November 1, 2014

Invasion of the Sassy Body Snatcher

It was Halloween, 
and mom was super excited!

She had visions of candy, games, 
and children delighted!
blast from the past: I was Barbie and The Rocker
The princess dressed in her beautiful gown,
but it was not long before she threw down her crown!

She refused to put on her Princess lipstick, 

(if you try again, this Princess may kick)!

The footballer put on his best growl...
but it wasn't long before even he had a scowl!?!

It sneaks through the homes, watching each street...
...attack of the Sassy Child is certainly no TREAT.

The Princess turned and put on a frown, 
and used the most inconvenient places to throw down.

This football player was not into the game....

he decided the scare and noise of Halloween was 'totally lame'.

Give me Paranormal...Jason...Texas Massacre with a Saw, 

Ha. Ha. I laugh at Freddy Crugar's claw!

This is the scariest of them all- 
Invasion of the Sassy Child
no matter how cute and small.

The Sassy Children are strong, 
they work as a team...


....they want their own way,
causing blood curdling screams!!!

No time for smiles when you have to wear a coat, 
it's much more torturous to always gloat!

How about a Halloween hayride for thrills?
Oh No??
you prefer whining for Halloween chills?

Dear Princess, 
Don't you know when wearing a pink trestle....
it is quite unlady like to have to wrestle?

At least Cousin McStuffin' seems very happy, 

though the weather (and Invaders) are acting crappy.

Children stay safe from the
Invasion of the Sassy Child!

This horror is simply not for the mild.
too close Mr. E.

Just before I was ready to Kill, 
we visit Mr. & Mrs. E's house for Goodwill.

Get me off of this Halloween ride of emotion!
Mrs. E. gives mom chocolate and a magic potion.

Children become calm after 
TV viewing, 
(with an addition of the E. candy chewing).

 This year Halloween really was a bust,
the invaders blew through the streets in a gust.

Our candy pile is pitiful, so meek....  
  it makes the Sassy Child go weak.

It's the very next day and I'm happy to say,
the Sassy Invaders have went away.

For now everyone is filled with laughter...

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