Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bad Timing

How the Time Change Has Messed ME UP

1.  Headlights

This is just depressing at 5pm.

2.  Laundry Overload

It happened before I could hit snooze.  
Piles and Piles of laundry developed before my eyes.

3. Creative Hair Styles 
(no shampoo or combing required)


I'm lucky to get to work not too extremely, terribly late.  

4.  The Holy Grail

I want to sleep!  Dark=Sleep  
I'm so tired and I just want to sleep. Alone.

 but they are pretty cute snuggle bugs.

5.  Drink the Germ X

I'm growing to hate winter...  nebulizers... and colds!!!

6.  Deadlines

I have totally mismanaged my whole week.
I mismanaged time for meetings, call backs, almost forgot Christmas play practice, and nearly forgot that I had Children's Church.  
My list for next week is not looking good.  It's what happens when you put things in the "other" pile.

7.  Carboholic

One weekend.  One weekend for our family to eat a tub of cookie dough that could feed a small African Village for a month.  
Time change causes comfort eating.

8.  Don't Cry Over Spilt Pepsi

I will be picking out the french fries from my van for a week.  
Practices, late evenings, and dinner times really snuck up on me (meaning too much fast food)!

9.  Fluctuating Temperatures

My classroom in the morning.

My classroom in the evening.

10. Wardrobe Change

Can someone invent the dressy office sweatpant already?

I don't know if I can recover from time change, for now I'm off to bed. zzzzzzzzzz.

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