Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Myth of My Fire

The Myth of My Fire
By Amanda S.

It was the annual festival of life where the people came together to celebrate the new.  They whispered in anticipation.  All of them wondering what the gift of the child offered.  
The Gift of Fire.  
A hush went over the crowd as they wondered how this gift would impact them as a village.  The child slowly walked out of the tent.  Her eyes were the only windows to her gift-
Powerful.  Dangerous. Warm. Fire.
The child was special indeed, but she did not always appreciate or understand her gift.  In her sensitivity she was unsure of why she was different and how to manage that difference.
As she grew older each day, she became a little fearful of herself, and focused on the many that she met on her journey.

The Child of Earth- grounded, connected to the world, full of ideas, busy…
Can I borrow your fire for more energy? the Child of Earth asked.
Of course!  said the Child of Fire.

The Child of Water-  in constant movement, fluidly, self assured, useful….
Can I borrow your fire for a reaction? for purpose? the Child of Water asked.
Yes you can!  said the Child of Fire.

The Child of Stars-  full of dreams, ideas, confident, shiny, brilliant, wise...
Can I borrow your fire for light, so that I may shine more brightly? the Child of Stars asked.
I guess that will be good, so that you can shine, said the Child of Fire.

The Child of Fire felt herself weaken, but she preferred to understand the other gifts to her own.  She preferred to help as to not focus on herself, as to not have to control herself.

Finally the Child of the Sun- leader, keeper of time, taking others out of darkness, needed, Grand….
Can I borrow your fire for heat? the Child of the Sun asked.
Yes, I suppose if it will help you,  said the Child of Fire hesitatingly.  

Now the Child of the Fire had nothing left.  She had no starter, no passion, no heat, and no light.  
She waited for the others to help her, but they were busy with their own abilities.  
She could no longer help anyone.
The child with the gift of Fire, decided she had to ignite her own flame if she wanted to survive.
Each day she spent time on nurturing her fire.

She lay on the soft earth catching wood and brush drifting by…
She danced with the cool water, taunting and playing around it…
She reached for the stars, saving the flecks of light she needed…
She basked in the hot sun, capturing licks of heat…

Soon she felt the spark, 
then the flame, 
and then the roar of her own fire.  

And from that time on she appreciated her powerful, emotional, passionate, giving, and warm... Gift of Fire.

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