Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Myth of My Fear

The Myth of Fear
By Amanda S.

In nature all of the creatures valued the tier of power.  
It was understood.  
Know your place in the Land. Know where you come from.  Accept It.

The magnificent Lioness knew this as she proudly marched through the rivers, the marsh, and the fields.  Her flowing mane seemed to mock all of the others.  I am Better.  Look at Me!  
She was massive, strong, powerful, and confident.  
She had no fear of confidence.

The Apeious pounded the ground with pride.  Rather The Family walked in pride, always together.  No one dared cross the Apeious.  No one tried to infiltrate them.  They were one.  
Loyal.  Strong.  Dark.  Loved.  
The Apeious owned the entire Knotted Forest.  They had no fear of family and security.

Even the Slither knew it’s place.  It was low to the ground, but it lashed out at lighting speed.  It defied others with it’s poisonous touch, deceiving nature, and intellectual plans.  The Slither had no fear of death.  It owned death.

Some would say that Grubella had the most challenging journey in nature.  Struggling.  Slow.  Plump.  Grubella.  
Grubella had the worst fate of all- insignificance.  
In the darkest part of her world was a very bright spot- The Unicorn.  
Her friend the Unicorn was mythical, magical, beautiful, and wonderful.  Grubella longed to be like her.  She always wanted to hear her stories.  To know her was to love her.  The Unicorn really felt the same way.  They would spend days talking about the magic in the air.  The Unicorn would always take Grubella for rides through the twisted jungles and majestic tipped mountains.  It felt amazing to go so fast and to be in wonder.

One day the land fell under a curse.
Too many creatures with too many egos, made for a disaster.
Creatures who take but never give back.
The nature was not respected or loved.
The nature began to die.

The Unicorn tried with all of her might to protect Grubella from the destruction surrounding them.  The Unicorn brought her food, she gave her rides, and most important of all she gave her hope and encouragement.
It was not enough.  
With the nature, Grubella was dying.
A hard shell began to form around Grubella.

Please don’t go.  Please don’t go.
The Unicorn begged nature to spare her little friend.
She loved Grubella.  
She loved their conversations and laughter.  
She loved her purpose to care for her.

The Unicorn tried to break the shell around Grubella. 
The trees and the vines and the leaves told her that she would destroy her friend even more if she dare help against nature.

By nightfall, the worn Unicorn fell into a deep slumber.  

When the Unicorn woke before day break she found herself in the presence of the most gorgeous creature she had ever witnessed.  
She lay in a pool of glitter with a sweeping mane of gold hair.  
It was her wings that were the most glorious.  
Grand. Colorful.  Illuminating.

She was unmoving, and the Unicorn became overwhelmed and began to cry.

Do not cry dear friend.  It is me, Grubella.

No. It could not be.  
The Unicorn starred into two brilliant and familiar eyes.
It was Grubella!

The Unicorn felt panic at the struggling creature before her.
I will help you.
I will care for you.
I can save you.

Oh Unicorn, who I love.
This time I must save myself.
Grubella smiled weakly.  
I know you are fearful, but
it is my journey now.  
If I live or die I have to try now.

The Unicorn walked away, stepping in her own puddle of tears as she left, leaving her friend in pain.

It was many moons before the Unicorn heard from Grubella again.  The Land was dying and life was a dull shade of grey now. 
At her lowest point, the Unicorn felt herself leave the world.   Before she closed her eyes, she looked up….
 there floating in the sky was the winged beauty with familiar eyes.

She assumed the worse but got the best.

I will now save you friend. Grubella whispered.
And she did.  
It was Grubella’s dream to save her friend now.

After that, Grubella saved the Land and others like it.  She humbled the creatures.  She made them understand that the circle of life takes strength, perseverance, and time at the bottom before one can understand life.

The Unicorn rarely saw her friend, but always felt her magic.  From that time forward, the unicorn shared the secret of fear with her children, her great grandchildren, her great, great, great grandchildren:

I know you are fearful, but 
it is your journey now.  
If you live or die, you have to try now.

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