Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Fourth of July (9 Days Late)

Happy Fourth of July

God Bless America

Church Float

We had big fun:
a parade, lunch at O&Os, another fun volleyball game, and then on to Nana and Papa's house for a cookout dinner!

Parade Float- Riding With All American Cutie Pies

Happy Birthday Mema

I married into a great family!  

As I was pulling up to Nana and Papa's House I noticed a little boy run across the yard.
'I wonder who that was?' I asked Connor.
Then I saw another little head dart across the yard, and then another.....

(Of course they now live in Florida, but they were in England for so long we call them our 'cousins from England', and they have slight English accents.  #AirForceFamily)

It was a big Surprise!!! 
They were trying to surprise me and they did.

We haven't seen the two oldest boys in about five years, and we have never met the two youngest. 
 Within 5 minutes Connor hopped out of the car, and this was the scene:

Really. 5 minutes. Clothing was in the driveway. 

It doesn't matter Connor doesn't know these boys- wildness is a universal language, right?

Connor somehow managed to even get a bloody nose at one point, it was THAT fun (lol), 
he begged to spend the night and had a great time.

I loved it.
What can I say?  I have a heart for boys, and the more energy they have, the better I like them!

We have quite a crew now:

The Oldest:
leader of the pack, fun, charming, watches all the good "karate movies", great at play

Next in Line:
(dad Uncle A. is in the background)
same age as C., "everything is AWESOME", seems very close with big brother K., great older brother, loves to laugh, a hugger

Next C.- 
I think you have met this one.  ;)

sweet. sweet. sweet. 
follows and chases the older boys, quiet in nature, adorable little smiles ready whenever we needed one... 

Baby Brother:
loves his mama, loves his snacks, bath time, and play (but mostly mama, his mama is gone in this pic.)

Tot Carlee:
loves shoes, necklaces, her brother, 
and personal space (DIVA)

Auntie M. :
AMAZING mother to 4 boys all under age 10.
We let her hold the quiet girl in a dress for a few minutes, with promises to go shoe shopping soon.

Baby A.: 
(her parents stayed out of view of my camera)
loves everything (even my camera), 
happy. happy. happy.
exploration, music, computers, iPads, has extra sweetness for her cuz Connor, best kissy cheeks

I don't know... 
I think they need a few more grandchildren.
More boys... 
Definitely More Boys

God Bless Our Families

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