Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One BAD Rap Star

One Bad Rap Star

Parenting Boys:

"Will you help me make a rap video and song?"  -Connor
"Sure, let me just fold these socks first!"  -Me

Connor has been a part of a summer school program, and it's been great, but I think he is learning more than the three Rs.  
There has been a lot of talk about sports, and the "right shoes", and the "right clothing", who is "Chucky". 
(the joy of having a beginning tween)  

He slipped it in last night that he became embarrassed because when he (silently) prayed over his ice cream while on a field trip, he was told he was a 'baby'.  

I gave it to him straight- Connor you will always face ridicule no matter what decisions you make, but if they are good decisions you can't let it bother you.  How do you think God felt about you thinking Him for that Blessing?

When children and people become uncomfortable about what they don't know, they sometimes say really bad things to cover up their lack of knowledge.

God will trust you more if you give him more everyday.  He knew what was going on, and he trusted you to handle it.  

Rock on Rap BOYYYYYY

(BTW-  I made sure to pray over my ice cream next time, because I have never have, so I learned an important lesson.)

  Additionally this summer, Connor has developed a love for rap.  He has learned about two rappers by the name of "M&M" and "JaySee".     We don't listen to rap, and we rarely have the television/radio on something other than Disney, worship, and some contemporary pop/ country, etc.  Mostly we are too loud to hear music.

Lucky for me, he spelled the rappers the way he said them so he couldn't get them pulled up on the Kindle while I was doing something like making sure Carlee wasn't swimming in the toilet.

We did our research, and I tried really hard to find clean rappers he could enjoy.  He really wanted to listen to some Eminem songs because he is a skinny white boy with short blonde hair. 
I couldn't find one song appropriate for ages 38 much less 8.  
The only thing I could find was some Will Smith and Vanilla Ice.

I did try to research christian rappers, and I found this video.  
Connor wasn't too interested (and I didn't blame him one bit, watching that video made me want to Christ Like Cruise off a Bridge).

If anyone knows of any great Christian rappers, shoot me a message, preferably in rap form.

Creating a rap song and video was hard.  We spent the next three days after school writing, recording, and taping his rap video.   
Connor loves to watch Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley dance.  You may see some of those moves in his rap video.

I was a bit of a drag, I had a few rules before we started:
1.  no inappropriate messages (ie. girlfriends, boyfriends, blood, shooting, etc)
2.  limit hip thrusts
3.  NO crotch grabbing

I think the creative process was good.   
It was a little hard for me to match the audio recording with the music video, but I think Connor did well.  
He came up with the rhymes to my words, and he came up with the entire concept for the video!

Connor's iHop's Rap Debut:
(of course we have our blooper takes if you click here)

Don't Call us Pop Stars (or any Stars really)  -iHop's Mom

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