Monday, June 30, 2014

Rising Third Grader?

What is this?  I have a rising third grader!

Remember this kinder?

I remember feeling so nervous about the primary journey.  

I am his mother and my instincts were correct about many things.
(I never miss the opportunity to point that out.)

God gave us the tools to deal with hard moments.

We are ready for intermediate school! yipeee.
God will give us the tools, he will mold my Connor, I have to let it happen.

We have learned as a family through YOU Connor.
 Most important, we have learned to value the things not always measured by the outside world.

Kind, Loving, and Hardworking
Teachers Hand Picked by God

You are an amazing and creative fellow.

You have set up a spa, tattoo shop, book store, and zoo in our bathroom.
You have been a hunter, a zoologist, a wrestler, a snack wrangler, and a race car driver in our basement.
You have been Michael Jackson, Burt Meyers, and the President in our backyard.
You pull out clothing, crayons, create signs, and anything else you can find to bring your imagination to life.

You are honest, inquisitive, kind, and we never know what you will say next!

Most of all, you remain the best big brother.
You are always aware of Carlee, and sometimes I have to remind you that you are the brother and not the parent.

We are Blessed daily by you Mr. Connor.

Second Grade Field Day


Soaking Wet- Having Fun

Favorite Thing:
Riding in Dad's FORD

Proud Papa and Dad

Fellow Pal, Classmate, and Neighbor

A Fellow Friend, Colleague, and Connor's STEAM Teacher

Two Awana Book Ribbons this year!!
(T&Ts here we come.)

Friend Fun

Game Time

1rst Day of
Freedom School 

We love you Connor!

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