Monday, June 30, 2014

A Growing Carlee Q

Oh my Carlee Q, 
(you are my curly q fry)

You are growing up so fast.
With your brother I was just catching my breath, and learning how it all works.
With you, I want to freeze time because I see how fast it all happens.

You and your brother are so different in demeanor and age, 
yet the best of buds.

Connor is the first person that you ask for when you wake up in the morning!

You love bananas, cookies, pancakes, and green beans.
You love the outdoors, Minnie Mouse, and 'Read Books'.  
You are talking more.
You are silly more.

We had you a princess potty with all the bells and whistles when you were ready to potty.
Of course,
you decided to potty train yourself by randomly opening the door and using the big potty.  You went four times in one day!
(the secret= naked 100% of the time).

Carlee you do it your way, that is for sure!

Your brother made us parents, 
but you have made us better parents.

We love you so Carlee!

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