Saturday, March 1, 2014

B. Baller

Although, I really wanted to keep C. in Scouts, he wanted to try a team sport.
Between Awanas, homework, dinner, and chores,
he had to make a choice between activities.
He is a kid who enjoys play too much to pack his week too full. 
He decided he wanted to play basketball.
He learned so much, and he had two great coaches- 
Coach S and his Dad.
There were times Connor lacked focus and really wanted to sit out, and there were other times he really played hard.  

Overall, basketball (a sport) was good for many reasons:
1. At the start he wanted to quit, and he had to learn that his teammates depend on him.
You can't quit once you have made a commitment to your parents (who paid) and to your teammates who need you.

2.  C. had to face his fears.
Noise is his #1 fear.  The first game we forgot to prep him for the buzzer, and it was disastrous.
He sat out the whole game nearly in tears.

3.  Game #2, we ordered some ear plugs that diminished the noise but did not eliminate it. He had to learn to take his focus off of the worrisome buzzer.  He often prayed about this worry, giving his nerves over to God.

4.  He learned the benefit of practice.

5.  He learned how to get along with others.

6.  He learned the rules.

7.  He learned a physical outlet for his energy.

8.  He learned how to keep up with his uniform (shirt).

9.  He learned the importance of encouragement.

10.  He learned sometimes a good game does not mean "points" but rather how you helped the team as a whole get ahead.  

Watching Connor play was a huge joy for me.
Next up... Soccer!


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