Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Carlee!

You are cordially invited to a Noah's Ark Party.

(I may have went, for lack of a better word, 'Overboard' with the decorations and theme of Noah's Ark.)  

We happily had as many guests as chairs. 

I don't think anyone minded, because it was totally worth it for the children.  
Speaking of, look how happy the birthday girl is....

What is this?
A party?  Really Mom?

We talked about this.

Stay out of my tent.  
No cameras please.

Who are all these people!?!

Can I go back home?

(I may have given birth to a bit of an introvert.)


Overall, Carlee's birthday was so much fun!  
It provided opportunity for friends and family to gather and celebrate a wonderful event:  
My Sweet Carlee's #2!

Animal Babies 
Animal Baby Guest

I debated on making Carlee's cake (because no local bakery would make a Noah's Ark cake).  I was too worried it would be a disaster.
 Instead I used animal rings and airheads as cupcake toppers (maybe next year).

Genesis 9:13: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Fun Time with Friends

Cousin A:
Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks off??

Cousin O was a huge help!  She does a very good job of caring for Carlee.

Cagney Came Over to 
Party!  whooohooo

Genesis 6:19: You are to bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you. 

Hey, everyone gather inside the ark before the rain!

Oh No!! One wild animal got loose!

A brand new friend (just a few months old).
Is he not soooooo adorable?  
I could squeeze him.

I was so impressed with this new mama- she looked amazing and held this little guy the whole time amongst the chaos.  
He just snoozed peacefully in his mama's arms.

Little C. coloring his mask.

Birthday Song-
Note Carlee's look of 'what is happening here?'

Play Area:  sky, land, and water animals


I only smile for the cupcakes.  
Keep the cupcakes coming mama!!

(cutie alert):  Little P (shortly after his nap), 
loving the blue icing.

Our little neighbor K. was so sweet to Carlee. 
 He handed her gifts and helped her out. 

Little G.: I enjoyed talking to this guy.  
100% BOY

Oh yes, 
sticker time with Noah and the Ark, my FAV!

Light Up Rings

Rainbow Jars

There is nothing like riding in style, and the fact my daddy is pushing the car doesn't hurt.

Mom, reading the story, Noah's Ark.

Carlee had a lot of generous gifts from loving family and friends (so many we had to clean house and get rid of some old toys).

She has been driving around in her new silver high heels and rainbow TuTu all afternoon (while I clean, #princess)!!!


We have organized the kitchen and cleaning supplies.

We have put our favorite books in our new wagon, 


and separated our Mickey toys and high heel shoes.

Carlee even got to wear a new, homemade dress to church this morning (LOVE the length and color)!
I would like to try to sew Carlee's dresses, but I learned years ago that I have zero sewing talent.  
Any dress would look like a sock when I was finished sewing it.


Carlee's friends donated a lot of things for the local pregnancy center (providing necessities for new moms in need).  
I get to take over a BIG bag this week.

Dear Carlee, 

Watching you turn a year older has been such a blessing from God.  
You are your own little person and we love you so much!  
Happy Birthday!!!
Mama, Daddy, BuBu

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