Sunday, March 23, 2014

Soccer Mom

It looks like I'm a "Soccer Mom".
And so far it has turned out to be quite the adventure!

new soccer gear- yipee

practicing with dad

We initially signed up for a league within our district.

Little did we know:
it was a 40 minute drive, 90 min practices not including games, soccer field (aka. cow pasture) had no restrooms with a two year old, and most of the other children seemed much older and taller. 
 Really, these things didn't bother Connor, he seemed to have fun.  He was not as bothered as I was when a fourth grader told him he was going to  'drop his corn' if he didn't 'shut up'.  

I Googled it in the Urban dictionary at home and it means 'bust your head' in case anyone wants to 'drop someones corn' at work or something.

The next day Connor was tired, didn't do well on his spelling, and I knew we were not going any farther with this league.

I had heard about a soccer clinic offered locally with another center.  
The sign up date had passed, but I begged my way in with the hopes that I will be able to get my money back from the other league this week.
I either had to sign and pay Friday afternoon, or it was a no go.
I took the risk.
(And let us all pray I get that money back from the first league before the Checkbook Nazi balances the checkbook.)


I was a little nervous, but option #2 was a perfect fit.
Skills, drills, and scrimmage. 
 Once a week  
 Hour and a half 
ON the weekend

With each year I have learned to trust my gut instinct.
People often try to tell you what is best for your children, without proper motivation.  
I say your better off trusting your God given parental gifts.

I was so excited to see one of my former students (from my fifth grade days) helping coach.
Not only is he an All State Soccer player, he is 
headed to Campbell University as a kicker for the football team.

#great example
#proud teacher

Go Connor!
Burn some energy!

In other news, Connor had a fun surprise of being picked up by a friend from church, leaving us girls to enjoy the weather!

Pants on the ground, 
Pants on the ground.
We were not being stylish here. 
Finding pants to fit this petite girl is a real challenge.

We are ready for you Spring!
(even though more snow is predicted in the forecast #weep)

We went for a walk to visit our weekend neighbors for pizza, NCAA March Madness, and puppy love.

The kids just loved Ellie.

This morning the children recited the Lord's Prayer.
Can you pick out my "well behaved" child?

Oh yes, we did a retake.

Group II

It was a challenge to get the right shot, but they did a great job.

Great job children! 
I can go into the week remembering your words of comfort from scripture-
Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

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