Friday, March 7, 2014

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation.
Who the heck knew what it could do to a human?
I get on Facebook.  Why did I do that?
I hate all the pictures of cute well rested people.
The inspirational blogs, NOT inspirational.
I bet everyone gets sleep.
I hate it.  I hate it.  I hate it.   
I hate all those pictures of happy models in magazines (who look rested).
Do you know what endless crying does to a human?
I’m not happy.  
I’m (insert expletive here) tired.
Yes I love that little sweet baby.
That cherub face, tiny nose, big eyes.
But I absolutely hate that I don’t know what in the (insert expletive here) you want!!!!
What the (insert expletive here) do you want?!?! 
I blame the drug and food administration
and the President
and John Cena
and Bugs Bunny.
Sleep Deprivation.
It’s the pits.
There isn’t time to exercise, or read, or shower, or even finish this thought...
I use to enjoy getting dressed up.
I hate it.  
I hate the remote control, I hate the commercials. 
I hate pillows.
I hate not feeling together.
I hate feeling alone.
I hate feeling emotional.
I hate sleep deprivation.
I hate it.

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