Sunday, March 16, 2014

God Moments

About three years ago VBS started something called God Sightings/ Moments.  Throughout the week children are to name and write out all the things they see, smell, touch, taste, etc. that come from God.

There are God Sightings/Moments every single minute.

This weekend was filled with them:

DORT (disciples of the round table) Women:
Pizza, games, and funny stories (with a few scary stories).
We missed the ones that couldn't come, but we know sometimes life is so busy you can't get away.  I am glad that I ignored the voice in my head that said stay home and do laundry.
The laughter was medicine.

Speaking of chores-  
I am thankful for my washer/dryer/dishwasher/water that lasted another weekend.

St. Patty's B. Day Party

Kickball with Little Gals

Games & Food

Sunshine & Scenery

Friends & Fun

Speaking of Fun=

Darren and Connor had an outing to see the local AIWF wrestling.
As you can see it was the only important thing this month on the calendar.

This is the first year Connor overcame his fear of noise to go, and in his words it was 'the best night ever'.

As you can see from the promo pics, of course it would be the best night ever for anyone....

I got a wake up call this morning as a result.

Darren sent me text during the whole thing, updating me with important event information:

-You ought to see the people, it gives 'true fans' a whole new meaning.

-Girl at table selling used (and i mean used)wrestling toys, looks like she is bored to death and overdue a cig break.  C. talking her head off about classic wrestling toys.

-He is having the time of his life! This is like Christmas for him.

-Some of these guys are talented.

-I'm looking for a new gig, I wonder if they are hiring.

-C. has made best buds with a 60 year old woman with a truck and tractor pull shirt on, they are chatting and she is making sure that all the wrestlers slap him five.

-A person just said 'I hope its all right I gave your kid candy'.

-Still here.  Dannnngggg. I need to bring my pillow next time.

-I swear I am not making this up.  A HUGE dark wrestler wearing confederate flags, picked C. up and raised him above his head.  I've never seen him this excited.

-I want to tell this 39 year old guy in front of me, you know this isn't real, right?


Saturday Spaghetti Dinner 
(with a side of cupcake)

Shiny & Clean

Tutu Birthday Gift

Just like the books, I still love the first one the best.

I loved the casting for Finnick.  
Forget Gale and Peeta, Finnick ROCKS.

One of my ALL time favorite shows:  Veronica Mars 
(can you tell I love heroines that kick a little a lot of butt?)

2007:  cancelled the show after three seasons and left me hanging: booo hooo.
2013: announced Veronica Mars would be a box office movie:  yahoooooo!
2014:  movie is only playing at select theaters, only one theater in NC:  booo hooo.

This weekend:  friend messaged me and told me that the movie is  ALSO showing on Amazon. yahooooo!

It. was. awesome.


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