Friday, July 12, 2013

Week in Review

The newest addition to our family!
Ms. J.  
The most adorable cheeks ever!

Happy Fourth of July Brother-
(now get away from me).

Bella is more receptive to kisses.

Nothing says American, Freedom, and Patriotism like 
WWE wrestling pajama shorts.

Can you tell no one wants me to take pictures?
I can't be stopped.

Watermelon with Papa

My Dad+ Lighter Fluid + S'mores

We decided the microwave was the best bet for s'mores.
In this picture it looks like lighter fluid reached my hair, 
geisha look meets hillbilly, and Connor looks like my ventriloquist doll.

We will file that one under 'rough pictures'.

The s'mores were delicious!

Cleaning, Labeling, and Organizing

Rain, rain, go away...

come again another day....

so we can play OUTSIDE for five minutes.

Country Club Pool

Scuba Time

In this picture Connor was creating "smoke" for his "race car", 
but he just couldn't get it to work.

For those of you who are familiar, 
boys seem to always go back to a butt/fart/poop joke.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?
Freakin' loads of rain.

Ear Doctor-
No Fluid.
My ears work.

The doctor listened to my concerns about her lack of language. 
At this age, children should be using 5+ words.
 She suggested, one of the many reasons could be due to an older sibling that talks a lot or talks for her.
Really if that is the case, 
she may never need to speak again.

I just don't talk because I don't have to talk.
I will continue to point.


First Haircut
over my watchful eye.
(hey I have experienced bad hair!)
Exhibit A
This would be another "rough pictures".

Auntie H. is doing a nice job.

Great Job
Good Hair
Two thumbs up to Aunt H.

Mrs. E. invited us over for some sun and fun.
Connor had a great time with these boys!

Boys are weird.

Mrs. E. hooked Ms. Carlee up with her pool attire.
(There she is POINTING for what she wants.)
Mrs. E. is the mother of boys, so I think she enjoyed getting to purchase the little trinkets.
The girls in our classroom have taught her well.

Carlee thought she was pretty special.
Move over all you ladies at the pool, 
there is a new diva in town.

Mrs. E. treated us to lunch (do you see how Mrs. E. takes care of me?) 

It was delicious!

It stopped raining for a few hours, so we could play.

Kids can really swim in any weather!

Ms. Diva had a rest with a cookie.

When Ms. O. showed up, it was all smiles for Connor.
We love Ms. O and we would have her over every single day if we could.

The kids found a frog.

I feel the conversation went something like this-
Mommy Frog- "Don't play near the pool, it is dangerous!!!"
Kid Frog- "Ok Mom, sure."
(what does mom know? she is so old fashioned! Such a bull frog!)
Kid Frog plays by pool and ignores mother.
Encounters 20 screaming kids for an hour.
Hops home as fast as possible without having a heart attack.
Mommy Frog with Bug Stew-
"I told you so, Mommy knows best, now eat your dinner."
Kid Frog- "Note to self, listen to mom always"-
Has nightmares of giant kids that night.

Rainy Afternoons=
movies and 

ice cream!

I'm not sure how many trinkets were in Carlee's bag, but this is what I have been dealing with all morning.

She keeps pulling crap out of her bag for me to open-
nail polish and lip gloss

Remind me to thank Mrs. E. for the supplies, I now get to paint toes all morning. 

A single tear, only dried.....

after I gave her the leftover bacon and eggs.

I think bacon and eggs is a fair trade for purple, glitter, Tinkerbell nail polish.

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