Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week in Review- The Broke Version

Currently my status is pretty depressing.  
Darren's car broke down with Connor yesterday (BIG thanks to a church family who was behind them, because they both got home safely with Taco Bell bags in tow), and this isn't even the vehicle making dinosaur noises! 
As if that wasn't fun enough, today my oven bit the proverbial pizza dust!
THEN,  Connor's retainer came out (thanks to scooby doo snacks). 

 Now we are trying to figure out how to get to the dentist, and how Darren is going to travel to work, and how to meet the repairman/ carman in the morning (with one car).
(Actually, I am just eating cookies nervously while Darren figures it out.)
Further, I am praying like Moses that Carlee is acting like a diva for FUN and not because she has an ear infection. 

 She did calm down after a few rounds of this:

and a few tunes from this:

So I think she is going to be ok after all.
I am not even going to think about the bills for these things (la la la, I'm not thinking about it).
I went to the grocery store for the family tonight.  Darren sent me with the calculator and a budget, except I kept forgetting to add what I put in the cart.  No problem- I 'guess'timated everything, and of course went 20 over budget.  I didn't think that was too bad, but I guess that defeats the purpose of a budget. 

Darren said he wished we were born rich instead of so good lookin'.  :)

To pick up my spirits tonight I created a video of my sweet Carlee.
That booger will not talk no matter how hard I try (books, ipad, games), she just prefers to hum/sing tunes all day.
(Maybe music will be her God given gift?)

This video did a few things for me-
1.  made me smile 
2.   realized I can put this girl to work
3.  thought- maybe we can be on Toddler's and Tiaras (move over Honey Boo Boo)!

Three Words-
What in the World?
(wait, that is four words, see how bad I am with 'guess'timating?)
I have it figured out - we can perform as a family like The Partridge Family!!!
I think it could work!


I will keep working on some BRILLIANT money making ideas that doesn't involve an illegal lab and gas masks.

Until then, here is my week in review-

My talented neighbor sent us down some beautiful vegetables from her garden.
R. will you feed us all week?  

Speaking of budget-
Connor and I can't resist the quarter machines. 
I know. I know. It's junk!
But we did score....


A Spongebob ball (that we have already lost), a beautiful blue teddy (plastic) bear ring, and a gold cross that would make Elvis proud, that has only broke twice since we got it.
All for 1.25! (DEAL).

Catching Fire Flies 


A big, huge GUMMIE snake!
I said NO, 
but it was fun to imagine the possibilities.

Mini Slide for the
Mini Girl

Lake Trip Gone Bad

Connor LOVED it.  
He made friends with some boys and had a blast.


not so much.

Have you ever met a child that HATED, HATED SAND??
Going back to sensory issues, 
my daughter is terrified of the sand.

This was the lake trip for her in one picture-

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water- you can't get to it....

 The people beside us couldn't believe how bad she hated the sand.  
Look at her draw up her feet in this picture.
She refused to touch it.
She wouldn't touch it, she wouldn't look at it, and lucky for us sand has a bad habit of getting on everything...and she wasn't having it.
The trip was her crying NONSTOP.

The only thing that could make this trip better....

I had to say it...Sharknados.

New DORA  shoes later in the week helped Carlee forgive the world.


 Brother and Sister

Muffin Cakes


Workshop Training

EC DATA using MClass
(sounds fun doesn't it?)

The positive.  I had a peaceful lunch.
I found a really good book.

 I looked out the window at all the college students.
Before I knew it, it was time to go.
I was rushed, but I bought a coffee to go.

 I didn't pay attention to the straw I grabbed.  I went all the way across campus with this HUGE straw. 
I sent Darren this picture, and he sent a text back-
"I would sip that out of the cup unless I was alone."
(I giggled every time I took a drink.)

Who gave her a whole BAG of animal crackers!?!?
I just vacuumed!!!

Boyscout Camp with Mrs. E.
C. had the best time with you Mrs. E.
(thanks for the pictures, they were all so good!)

Dancing with the Scouts
(Work It!)

This may be next week's picture if we keep having bad luck:

I'm kidding, but jeez whiz, I'm afraid to go outside tomorrow.
When it rains, it pours, for sure.

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