Friday, July 19, 2013

The World's Worst Pizza Truck

It's official.  
We made the world's worst pizza truck.

We started strong.
We organized our materials.

We decided not to work at the table, 

because we needed our space on the floor.

I guess we were way too into it, because we cracked a piece of wood.  
We asked for another kit, 
and we were told we can't "keep doing this."

We are very hard on nails.

We started again.  
Then we realized we flipped a piece of wood the wrong way.
I said it 'wouldn't really matter'.  
What is one little piece anyway??

Well that one little piece made the
bumper cave in...

..made the nails stick out of the tires....

...made the wheels unable to turn....

...made the stickers come up a little short....

...made the back bumper 'YO' cave in... and the lights uneven....
and the list goes on.
One little piece means a lot.

Just look at this beauty.

The poor thing looks like I drove it around for a week.

We have temporarily hung up our hammer, but we have a back up plan-
we are going to be a family of dancers!

You may have heard of the new dance craze Twerking.
The only real reason we know about it, is because of this funny cat video.


We don't do Twerking, but we are all about the

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