Friday, July 19, 2013

The Very Busy Spider(s)

Today I was a Very Busy Spider!

My friends and I headed to the 
(very busy spiders)


When I found out that our favorite, Eric Carle, acclaimed children's writer/illustrator was holding a workshop that discussed his craft, the influence of artists in his work, and a slide/lecture presentation for FREE- I had to go!!!
I knew right away that Mrs. E. would have to go with me (she loves Eric Carle).

On average we read and complete a unit of study around no less than four Eric Carle books per year in the K-2 classroom.

These are just the books Connor and Carlee have in their rooms.

I went to my classroom to grab a few more, but the custodians had cleaned my room and my unit books were buried under tables and crates, so I was unable to get My Very Hungry Caterpillar book.


Mrs. E. brought the FUN Mrs. P. and

off we all went "busy spinning our webs" and having a great time.

We arrived just in the nick of time to grab three seats together.
They had to lock the doors on Mrs. E. while she was parking because they filled up so fast.  I had to go and rescue her by convincing the guy I "reserved" her a seat.

Eric Carle's discussion did not disappoint.
He was so great, and he is the youngest 84 year old ever.
I would say the secret to his success is staying young at heart.
He had a great child like spirit.

Eric Carle and his Mother
Eric Carle accredits his talent and success to his loving parents, 
but you see who made the slideshow don't you???
That's right.  Being a mama ROCKS!
(Oh Connor- I can't wait for my slideshow pic one day.) 

Eric Carle as a wild little boy.
He reminded me of someone.

Eric Carle's favorite book is, Do You Want To Be My Friend?
It is based on a friend he left behind at age 6 in Germany.
He later visited that friend at age 72, and he remembered who Eric Carle was right away!!!

Early reading influences.

Eric Carle left school at age 16.  He entered the military and later pursued graphic education where a teacher turned him toward art.  He found what he was good at and pursued it with heart and soul!  
His favorite author to work with was Bill Martin Jr. 
Bill Martin (an acclaimed author) didn't know how to read until age 20.  A college professor taught him how to read through poetry!
In the words of Eric Carle, "Bill Martin's words have a rhythm, a heartbeat... art becomes language, language becomes art."
 (I love that.)

Success stories happen, and they happen at the hands of passionate teachers!

The funniest part is after the lecture, I read in the Appalachian Invite that Dr. Charles Duke would lead an interview.
Mrs. P and I looked up Dr. Charles Duke and discovered this guy from NASA (born in Charlotte, NC).
We were like, "When is the astronaut speaking??  Yeah, there is suppose to be an astronaut.  When is he coming out?? I wonder if he will wear his suit?  I'm ready, where is that astronaut hiding?"

It turns out it is actually this Dr. Charles Duke.
As in the Dean of Education at Appalachian University.
Oh Well, 
I guess it is too much to ask for an astronaut and illustrator in one.


Waiting in line for a book signing.
I had asked Connor to come with me, but he really had his heart set on finishing VBS for the week. Family Fun Night includes bouncing in the bouncy houses, ice cream, games, etc.
I totally understood. 

Hellloooooo Mr. Carle.
We love your books!

Mrs. E. was getting a little teary.

Mrs. P. getting her books signed.

We are letting the sharpie dry.
We are so darn excited here.

There were two rules.
1. No Personalization  2.  Only Three Books

Mrs. E. and Mrs. P. only had two books, so I gave them my copies, so they could all get signed!!!

For laughs (mrs. e.) I personalized a book-
all Mr. Carle had to do was sign- easy deal.

Best Teacher Ever.

Mrs. E. showing how easy it is to get a picture with Eric Carle.  
(She is putting her arm around him here.)

Enjoy the Eric Carle Art displayed in the Reich College of Education.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear,
...Don't eat Mrs. E's arm!!!
so violent

This is where I gave my seminar to hundreds.
Love Your Inner Hungry Caterpillar.
Love Yourself.
Let Your Butterfly Roam Free.
Release the Leaf.
(the room may or may not have been empty, I'm not telling)

All is fun and games, 
until you get busted by a crowd entering the room


Mellow Mushroom 
We had planned to go here a week ago.
My first visit.

We were not sure why there were protestors outside the restaurant, but hey this is a college town- people are finding themselves.

Governor Pat McCroy

Fifteen minutes later, guess who walked in??
I'm not kidding.
"Ching, Ching" said the politician.
"Can I take your funding?"
The spider did not answer.
She was very busy trying to teach all her children (with no funding).

Gov. Pat McCroy stayed on the RIGHT SIDE of the restaurant.

He never came over to my side.
I had a few things to discuss with him.  

I guess my Goodwill shirt and Lady Bug earrings shouted "Public School Teacher".
He didn't even try to shake my hand!?!?!

I was about to tell him the injustice of........

oooooooo.  Pizza. Yummy Pizza.  Really Good Pizza!
Governor Who?

Boone Goone Pizza
We had a good time!

What a Blessed Day!!!

"Whoo?  Whoo?" asked the owl.
"Who built this beautiful web?"
The spider didn't answer.
She had fallen asleep.
It had been a very, very busy day.
-by Eric Carle


  1. Hi Mrs. A, I am a good friend of Mrs. E and Mrs. P. Mrs. E said I must read your blog about the visit to see Mr. Carle. Most entertaining blog! I would love to meet you some day. I think we could be friends...:-)

    1. I totally forgot to introduce myself! You can call me Mrs. C.

    2. Mrs. C. thank you so much!!! We must get together soon and create a "blog memory" together. I love your comment and I think we would have BIG fun.

  2. your posts always make me laugh out loud! :) (PS> you looked very fabulous in your Goodwill shirt!)

    1. Thanks MommyIves...I love rockin' the goodwill. One person's trash is another person's treasure! :)