Monday, November 5, 2012

Week in Review

New Do'

New Member of the Family- 
Picked by God, Adopted through Heart

Voting Early Encouragement Team

Voting Early Encouragement Snack

Time to Hit the Road

At tonight's meeting all the boys from every pack were asked if they did any volunteer work.  Some boys headed a canned food drive, volunteering at a nursing home, etc.  Connor shared that he volunteered to pick up sticks at a his neighbor's house this summer.  

To say the least, 
we are really stretching the word volunteer
(I chose to hide behind my pocket book).

Well Done Marshmallow


Gift for C's teachers-
strawberries and chocolate
 cute idea alert:  
wrap a huge candy bar in bandage with google eyes
and walaaaa.....
You have Sweet Mummies!

Spider Unit

Fall Party- Hoot Owl :)

Now time to settle in for 
Old Man Winter.

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