Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 8 Months Carlee

Happy Eight Months Carlee 

 -You are crawling all over the house, but your already bored with that.  Your goal now is to pull up, and if you can’t do it you get fussy.  

-The steps seem to be the only place short enough for you to accomplish the goal of pulling up.  You’ve scaled the second step.


 -You now use the pincher grab- forefinger and thumb.  You pinched my nose this morning.  

-You love the finger food- sweet potato stars! 

-You still don’t sleep well.

-Your babble talk seems to be very intentional.  I have determined these four phrases mean...
Baba- Mama pick me up I love you.
Baba- Brother come make me laugh.
Baba- Bottle, please.
Baba!!!-  I hate my freakin’ life!!!

-You wave bye bye.  We all have to say good bye like this now: “baieeee byeee, baieee, byeee” (add dramatic waving of adult hand).

-You have hair like a rock star!  

We Looooovvveee you Carlee.

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