Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012- What is your flavor?

Election time is such an exciting time 
(minus the jerks).  
I teach K-2 (ages 5-8) special needs and I really wanted them to 
 to learn and understand what all this hoopla was about on the television and radio.
One thing children know about is the television, so they knew the names-Obama and Romney- but were not sure about what was going on.

I think I taught some of them who the US President was for the first time.
The way they said their names were so cute:
Raca Bama
Midd Rommer
One child kept combing the names:
President Rombama

We have a few more things to do this week, but so far we have kicked off the unit.  
Sometimes children just put things in perspective.  
I love my job.

Vote and
Read...Vote for Reading!

Mrs. L. brought me the Obama sign.
Mrs. E. brought me the Romney sign.
(Mrs. L and I joked we were putting the Romney sign in timeout, so then Mrs. E. brought me about 7 Romney bumper stickers.  I'm just glad they weren't all on my car when I got off work.)

Mrs. E. and I have funny political banner. I miss it.
Mrs. L. and I have great political conversations.  I have enjoyed it.
I'm lucky to work with great women.

I read them a book and told them all the ways I could be the President.


For example, Teachers go to lots of meetings.


The teacher acts pretty quickly when there is an emergency.

The kids agree I talk too much to be President.  I would have  broadcast, so people could hear about my day.
Entertaining but not progressive for America.

Meeting the Candidates.
Did you know Governor "Mitt" loves hot dogs and meat loaf cakes?
President "Barry" loves Hawaiian Pizza and Granola Bars.

The kids say these men have very poor taste in food. (I think the exact words were gross and yucky.)

Comparing and Contrasting.
These two candidates DO have things in common.  
1.  they have created laws  2.  they have went to college  3. they are hardworking  4.  they are daddies  5. they want your vote

Put the proper ballot in the box (don't pull a Florida).

Three of my students put our female principal in the previous US Presidents T-Chart!!!
I had to explain our principal is important, but does not live in the White House and does not make laws (and she has to BUDGET our money as shown by my last box of paperclips).

We colored and created campaign posters. 
Vote Romney/Vote Obama/ Vote _________ (draw yourself).  
WE glued them all on the same paper (I would DIE if someone got home with a Vote Obama Poster and not a Romney or vice versa).  

Either this first grade child 1.  Isn't happy to be running for President 
2.  This is the feeling he gets when politics are discussed.
I think its a TOTALLY honest campaign poster. :)

We must register to vote.  Our voter registration has a picture ID.

Looks just like her!

It was really hard and rigorous, 
but we had to do our research before voting.  
Don't just go by someone's opinion.  
You MUST prepare before voting.

Wow!! What a voter turn out (with their registration cards in hand).

They were so respectful.  There was some voter talk, but no one called anyone dumb, unmoral, or stupid for liking a different flavor.  
(Mrs. J. suggested you should keep your favorite flavor a secret, as to not influence or confuse anyone.)
how smart- must follow next time

You need to sign your full name in before voting.  
There is quite a line.  
You must wait your turn....quietly.

Mrs. L and I joked about flooding the kids with political signs about our favorite ice cream flavor right before they voted but best not introduce them to the annoying part of politics yet.

Thank you for voting!!!

The ballots are in...I am so excited.

We better tally these votes fast, the masses are waiting.

Chocolate was an overwhelming winner.

Chocolate is the new Commander in Chief for our class.  
I dig it.

(I wish I could show you the faces of the vanilla and strawberry voters.  Let's just say kinders don't take losing any better than adults.)

It is your Right to have a good education.
It is your Responsibility to be a good student.

God Bless America
God Bless our Children

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