Thursday, May 3, 2012

NOT Loving My Hair

Not that I am one to OBSESS or anything...but I have narrowed my NEW hair down to five looks.

The MICHAEL DOUGLAS (Greed era).  Hey, I might can pull this slick look off with a 500.00 suit, a gallon of hair gel, and a fancy diamond money clip (and some foundation, close up alert- YIKES).


The TANGLED   (after she cuts her hair with shard glass).   


The JOSH GROBAN.  What can I say...I'm in trouble if it rains.


The JUSTIN BIEBER except I'll sing 'I just had a baby, baby, baby...ooooooooooo.'


Looking at the bright side- I can atleast pull off the 'hairband with big flower' look. 

I know what your thinking, 'it's time for you to really get back to work now'.  I swear...I'm putting the camera down now and walking away...I'll be over my hair soon...I promise. (But I am NEVER using a hair coupon again.)