Thursday, May 10, 2012

Girls' Day Out

Carlee and I have been enjoying our day together.  I return to work in a few days...Monday to be exact. weep.  Last night Carlee slept in her big girl crib and her own room.  double weep. 
I couldn't part with Connor as a baby. He stayed in our room for his first year.  Big mistake.  He never wanted to leave us.  He is taller than me now and still trying to get in bed with us.  This time we put Carlee in her great big crib in her own room.  Even though her room is right beside us, I felt like I was sending her to China (and it feels like you are walking that far just to replace a pacifier at 12, 1, 2 am).  She is already growing so fast. 

Last night she was quite fussy, so we started our morning sleeping late.  Next on the agenda- coffee and the Today Show, an insurance meeting at school, talked to Big Brother Connor who was caught NOT behaving (triple weep), ate lunch with our pal Mrs. E and Pod 200 teachers,  and then we hit the beauty shop where I begged Ms. T. to take me back as a client (see hair repair issues here and here).  She lectured me on using a cheap coupon, and then she worked her magic to give me a little style while we had great conversation.  (Basically at the end of this journey in order to save money and get a cute bob....I lost about five inches of hair and thirty bucks.)
Later Carlee and I got ourselves an old fashioned Cola Float and went for a drive. It is a beautiful day.  When we got home we checked Facebook and was surprised to learn that Carlee's brand new friend, little A., was born today!!!  Carlee is certainly excited about that.  Overall, we had a fun day and I'm enjoying the girl time.

 Before- School Marm Hair


After- Sassy Short

Carlee gives my hair two Coos and a Smile. 
Darren, my husband, gives my hair two 'shut the heck up about it already'.


  1. Oh I just love your newest haircut! Looks great on you!

  2. thanks Joan! I wasn't expecting to go that short, but it looks a lot better.